The Luminos River Valley and Narn Desert

This area contains the fertile valley of the Luminos River to the south of the Central Valley, and the vast desert area bordering on the south that was once part of the Narna Desert and the Bad Lands in old Locura. In the world split the abandoned ruins of the medieval city of Lumiere were moved from their location at the head of the river to a place on a side branch of the Luminos near where the river, mountains, and desert come together. Subsequent events led to the rebuilding of this city under the Konstroda and renaming it “Hydrobess”. Other ruins from “the Land” of old Locura may also exist in the area but are in far worse condition than Lumiere, and have not yet been unearthed. Near the head waters of the Luminos River is the hidden elven village of Aldeon.
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