This continent is a remnant reformed from bits of Old Locura, and is the starting point for most off-worlders. It includes the main focal point, Midtown, and the Library City of Athuair in the Central Valley region as well as other important areas and cities. This area also includes the outlying islands of New Mobius, Toaru, and the Pokemon Islands.
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Current Date and Approximate Time in Triudomhan: August (Rooster) 16, 2012 - Monday
Midtown 1:00 a.m., Three Cities 2:00 a.m., Kiryushiro 6:00 a.m., Great Blue - Daylight (Zones +7 through -9)
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  • No unread posts The Central Valley Region
    The Central Valley Region covers the area encompassed by the Mana Mountains around the lake Lock Suil and Long Beach. It includes the autonomous areas of Midtown, the Library City of Athuair, Pleasant Farms and the city of Fachest, and is serviced by the Central Valley Railroad.
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  • No unread posts The Mana Mountains
    This is a large mountain chain with multiple spurs central to the continent of Talamh, reconstructed from both the Mysterious Mountains and the Spiney Back Mountains of North and South Erinaceus of old Locura. It is largely unexplored and contains many unknown mysteries, as well as the dwarven mines north of Midtown, the Athuarian stellar observatory, and the railroad lines connecting the Central Valley to the Three Cities of the Accipio Valley.
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  • No unread posts The Luminos River Valley and Narn Desert
    This area contains the fertile valley of the Luminos River to the south of the Central Valley, and the vast desert area bordering on the south that was once part of the Narna Desert and the Bad Lands in old Locura. In the world split the abandoned ruins of the medieval city of Lumiere were moved from their location at the head of the river to a place on a side branch of the Luminos near where the river, mountains, and desert come together. Subsequent events led to the rebuilding of this city under the Konstroda and renaming it “Hydrobess”. Other ruins from “the Land” of old Locura may also exist in the area but are in far worse condition than Lumiere, and have not yet been unearthed. Near the head waters of the Luminos River is the hidden elven village of Aldeon.
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  • No unread posts The Northern Jungles
    These are the tropical lands to the north of the Mana Mountains. Little is known about them except the fierce beasts encountered in the journey of the Athuarian researcher Thuran and his friend the adventuress Uena Wypcraser.
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  • No unread posts The Eastern Region
    This region contains three river valleys to the east of the Mana Mountains. The northern and souththern two valleys have not yet been explored, but the central one, the Accipio Valley contains the Three Cities (Terra, Civitas Sublimis, and Civitas Inferus) and the Castus River.
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  • No unread posts Southern Forests and Tundra
    This area includes two river valleys at the southern end of the continent of Talamh and the coldest region of all at the southern most tip.
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  • No unread posts The Pokemon Islands
    This is an archipelago off the eastern coast of Talamh. The three main islands are: Sakari, Karada, and Asahi. In addition there are the Shippo Islands, and the Kemuri Islands. Some of the smaller islands in the Shippo region have no human habitations at all and may even have pokemon villages. St. Brigid Island is the dwelling place of the Great Fay Brigid who helped to preserve the pokemon and the people of this land during the destructions of both Primavaldia and Locura.
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  • No unread posts New Mobius and other Islands
    This group of islands is off the western coast of Talamh. The largest is New Mobius, homeland of mobians (from Sonic's world) who were once Dr. Robotnik prisoners but were pulled to this world by the world split. Another important island is Toaru, inhabited by fierce dragons, where the Shrine of the Dragon Sword is located.
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