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The Northern Sea

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2012 4:05 pm
by Mamma Peach
The Northern Sea
This thread covers the ocean at the top of the world, its polar ice cap, and the magical home of "St. Nicholas".

The Santa Claus of Triudomhan isn't the actual Saint Nicholas but one of the fays, an elf named Kris Kringle, that had been influenced by the goodness of the human saint and had sworn after his death to uphold his name with the tradition of giving out presents on Christmas Eve. This particular "Nicholas" admitted as much to Father Asa when he was caught delivering presents to the priest's house. He was also the Santa that delivered presents both in Primavaldia and in Old Locura. He appears like a tall, white bearded bishop instead of a fat man in a red suit, though he has been seen with reindeer and a sleigh.