The Yokai

This contains Triudomhan maps, history, characters, archives and other relevant information.
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The Yokai

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The Yokai
What are Yokai?
Yokai, also known as obake or bakemono, are Japanese monsters, not spirits or demons, though they are fierce, and may still have a blood lust. They have mortal but long lived and very strong bodies. A few are pretty well immortal though, as far as life span, especially King Enma and his four daimyo, sometimes known in myth as the Four Saint Beasts. They have immortal souls, unlike pure fays, and many use spirit powers, but there is a wide variety in both strength and life span, the stronger generally living longer.

There are several different kinds of yokai. There are elemental yokai, who represent the raw elements of nature, or even just strength. Snow maidens (yukionna), water women (ameonna), tree women (kodama), as well as their male counterparts, are included in this catagory as well as oni (ogres) and yosei (fairies). The other main catagory is animal yokai; either shapeshifters (henge) like tanuki (raccoon dogs), kitsune (foxes), mujina (badgers), inugami (dogs), okami (wolves), aosaginohi (blue heron), or hebi (snakes); or those who remain in a partial animal form like kappas (turtle like), tengu (crow like), nekomusume (cat girls), or jorogumo (spider women) A kyuketsuki (Japanese vampire) would also fall into this catagory, because of the ability to transform into a bat. The third catagory is yokai that are made from houshold objects (tsukumogami), but none of these exist in Yokaisekai, or came to Triudomhan with Enma and Morrigan.

There are also yokai animals like the sunekosuri, a small dog/cat like creature that rubs against a person's legs at night, can go invisible, or turn into stone, and sometimes trips people, or the bakeneko (like Kirara in InuYasha). These are animals that came with the yokai from thier world. They are strong, magical, and intelligent, but are still amimals and not on the level of people.

History of Enma and the Yokai in Triudomhan
(as told by Ketsueki son of the Vampire Lord to Arch)
"You asked about yokai," he continued, "so I guess I should say something about who we are. Yokai are often thought of, perhaps somewhat accurately, as monsters. Some people, who are not very familiar with the Bible, even called us demons, and justifiably so. We are a fierce people with a propensity to warfare, bloodshed, and even cannibalism. Our King and Queen were both known as death gods in their own cultures, and it has always been a good thing for others that they are more powerful than the other yokai because that way they keep them under control. I myself am a vampire and must drink blood to live," he said wickedly flashing his fangs. Then he became more serious. "For all that we are people, like all people, with eternal souls that are answerable to God for our deeds, and who need His forgiveness. We also came from a distant world, from a land called Nihon-koku. My father, Lord Kyuketsuki, First Blood and Lord of the Vampire Clans, always calls it 'the old country'. Our king, Enma, came from the great lands further to the west of Nihon-koku, first from beyond the great kingdom of Chugoku in the far off western land of Indo. In Indo he was a god of death and vengeance, among many other gods, and he presided over the brutal punishment of the wicked, but he grew bored of the confining role that other gods had placed on him, wanting again to taste combat, to wreak destruction, and to drink the blood of his enemy and eat their flesh. After the monk Sanzo from Chugoku, accompanied by Son Goku the monkey king, Cho Hakkai the pig, Sha Gojyo the river ogre, and Hisuiryu the dragon prince, came to Indo in the west to find some Buddhist scrolls, Enma realized that there was a vast land to the east. Leaving the job he had been given by the gods to his underlings, he and his garuda traversed the same lands that Sanzo did, with many adventures and much bloodshed, and reached the land of Chugoku. To avoid trouble with the gods of that land he left the humans and their villages alone and sought out only the strongest to do battle with. In the course of time he fought and won over to his side the four great beasts, Byakko the White Tiger of the West, Genbu the Black Turtle-Snake of the North, Suzaku the Vermillion Bird of the South, and Seiryu the Azure Dragon of the East. Then he was joined by the holy beast Lord Kiryu the Golden Kirin, who was a prophet of the Eternal God. Lord Kiryu prophesied that Enma would become a great king of a strong people if he traveled further to the east, to the islands of Nihon-koku, and so he and his lords and warriors did. There he conquered the fierce yokai who were creatures much like himself and his lords. Though they were not immortal like Enma and his five lords (that is not to say that Enma and the five cannot be killed for Lord Kiryu was killed, by Daraku's men, but otherwise they are immortal), the yokai had very strong bodies and long lives, far longer than the span of men's lives. In addition to being longer lived and more durable than humans, yokai often have special powers and abilities. They may be of the sort that are like the elements like the snow maidens the yukionna, water women the ameonna, tree women the kodama, as well as fire and ice oni or the yosei our own kind of fairies; or they may be animal types, either shape shifters called henge that can appear as animal, half animal, or fully human depending on the strength of their power like tanuki the raccoon dogs, kitsune the foxes, mujina the badgers, inugami the dogs, okami the wolves, aosaginohi the blue herons, or hebi the snakes, or like those who always remain in a partial animal form like kappas who are turtle like, tengu who are crow like, nekomusume the cat girls, or jorogumo the spider women. Kyuketsuki, or vampires as they are called in Earth stories, would be henge, because of the ability to transform into bats. There is another kind of yokai that resembles household items like sandals, umbrellas or lanterns, but none such came with us to this world. As strong as the yokai were, humans always seemed to know how best us and drive us from their lands, or so I am told. How that could be I don't know, though it has been suggested that they learned powerful magic against us and cooperated together."

"After Enma conquered the yokai he had a difficult time ruling over our unruly peoples," Ketsueki went on. "Then one day a magical gateway opened, and we smelled blood and death. Enma gathered us together and brought us through the gate. When we all reached the other side the gate vanished forever and we were in Primavaldia in the last days of its existence. At first we killed and devoured everyone we came across, but as the Evil that was destroying the world grew stronger, partially by our own violent actions, the very corpses and skeletons of the dead rose up and fought against us to destroy us too. It was then that Enma met the fay Morrigan as she defended the last remnant of the living. He was instantly smitten with her beauty, power, and deadly abilities. At one time she had also been something like a death goddess too, but she fought on the side of life. Morrigan made a bargain with Enma, that if he and his people fought against the Evil and its minions and swore not to harm those yet living, she would become his wife. He agreed and the two wed. Even though he and his people carried out their end of the bargain Primavaldia was doomed. When it died Morrigan used her power and our strength to create the land of Yokaisekai, which was then known as Demon World, as a home for all of Enma's people and the fays that had sided with her in that last battle. It became the core of the new world Locura. I believe she always wished for the return of the world of Primavaldia, and to be able to see the fays that were such dear friends to her that she called them sister, Aoibheann, Brigid, and Sulis. In the end she got at least part of her wish, for Triudomhan is very much like Primavaldia and at least Aoibheann and Brigid are alive and well in the world and may freely visit each other. When the world of Locura broke apart she used all of her strength again to hold on to her sisters and help bring this world together. She nearly lost her life doing it, and the life of her daughter who was still in the womb, but our world is fine and whole now. That is the rather long story of the yokai and Yokaisekai," he concluded.

Enma and the Four Daimyo
King Enma - former death god in India (from an alternate Earth)
Enma has two forms-
1. A large figure of a man, easily nine feet tall, well built and reddish skinned, with a long pointed white beard and mustache and a long white mane of hair that hangs down his back with the largest, wickedest, looking scythe ever seen, and a large barbaric looking crown resting on his bushy white brows barely hiding a large pair of horns. His face is not exactly ugly, but very fearsome looking, even when he smiles, and his hands and bare feet are abnormally large and powerful. He wears the robes and pantaloons of a maharaja, but his powerfully muscled chest is bare except for chains of gold and jewels, mostly in the shapes of skulls. Around his waist is a jeweled belt ornamented with numerous dried out severed heads hung by their hair and their eye sockets stuffed with large jewels.
2. A massive giant, his skin blood red in color stretched over bulging muscles and a pot like belly, his face a hideous apparition of the most horrible nightmare, with bulging yellow eyes and a third eye sideways in the middle of his forehead, large horns, a thick black bushy stubble instead of the flowing white beard and hair, and his clothing shrunk to only a loin cloth. His scythe grows to fit his size though.

Lord Seiryu - the Azure Dragon, one of former Saint beasts of China and aspect of the East and Springtime
Seiryu's two forms-
1. A noble lord, with long white hair pulled back in a ponytail and blue Japanese robes of a noble. His signature weapon is a meteor hammer or dragon's fist, consisting of two shining metal orbs like dragon claws clutching giant blue metallic pearls joined by a rope of dark blue-black hair that seemes to be indestructible. In addition to swinging and flinging the orbs to crush his opponents, or defending against their attacks, he could make a crushing wind attack with them.
2. A massive blue and green hued oriental dragon.

Lord Suzaku - the Vermilion Bird, one of the former Saint beasts of China and aspect of the South and Summer
Lord Suzaku's two forms-
1. A handsome young man with golden shoulder length hair that's red tipped near the front, wearing a loose fitting brilliant red tunic fastened with an elegant belt and loose orange silk trousers that are gathered to his ankles with a band like cuff, and bare feet with rather sharp toenails. He gives off an air of the casual masculine elegance of a great lord. His signature weapon is a bisento, a broad bladed pole weapon more like the Chinese guan dao than the Japanese naginata. The large blade of his bisento has wing and fire patterns and burns along the edge with a vermilion fire, and when it penetrates flesh the flame literally explodes with messy and deadly results.
2. An enormous bird, somewhat resembling a phoenix, with feathers in every shade of red and orange. He can project a super heated aura of flames when he wants to and sometimes hides his cricket like spies in his feathers to transport them.

Lord Byakko - the White Tiger, one of the former Saint beasts of China and aspect of the West and Autumn
Lord Byakko's two forms-
1. A bulky martial artist with greying hair and a white gi. His signature weapon is an odachi, a sword similar to, but much larger than, a katana. This one has sacred prayers engraved on it and was said to to be made of seven rare super metals layered together.
2. A tremendous white tiger.

Lord Genbu - the Black Tortoise/Snake, one of the former Saint beasts of China and aspect of the North and Winter
Lord Genbu's two forms-
1. A darkly beautiful, almost sinister, man elegantly dressed in black. Underneath his robes he has a hard smooth plastron on his chest and dark hexagons of shell that patterns his back. His signature weapons are hari gata shuriken (needles) of ice that could stun an opponent, momentarily freezing them, and his great black kuda yari (drilling spear) whose blade is strong enough to pierce plate armor.
2. A gigantic black tortoise, almost as big as a small mountain, with the long undulating neck of a serpent ending a sharp beaked head.

The Five Elements - These apply well to the five diamyo of Yokaisekai
Daimyo........Lord Seiryu.....Lord Suzaku.....Lady Lien Hua...Lord Byakko......Lord Genbu
Saint Beast....Azure Dragon...Vermilion Bird...Yellow Dragon...White Tiger...Black Tortoise/Snake
Phase............New Yang........Full Yang....Yin/Yang balance....New Yin..........Full Yin
Combat.........Crushing....Pounding (explode).....Crossing........Splitting...........Drilling
Other important Yokai-
(To be filled in later)
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