The Fays

This contains Triudomhan maps, history, characters, archives and other relevant information.
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The Fays

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The Fays
What are Fays?
Fays are elemental creatures of nature that include everything from small winged fairies, to the beautiful human looking high fays, or the ugly misshapen Unseelie Court. They are magical beings that greatly influence nature and are beneficial to it. They are essentially immortal, but lack souls, which means not only do they vanish if they are killed and their bodies turned into elements like light, sea foam, or dust motes, but they have no real concerns about the morality of their actions. In essence they live for the moment, forever, or until they perish. Some fays have managed to obtain immortal souls, upon which they become more concerned about morality and the future while at the same time becoming truly immortal.

High fays often look like golden haired light elves, but with an ethereal appearance that suggests that they belonged more to the powerful elements that the world was composed of, rather than to the world itself, though sometimes their hair is of other colors too. Their clothing, or other aspects about them may indicate their power or position, though they may also use magic to conceal their true form. In the past the high fays formed societies similar to human ones with kings, high kings and noble families. The greatest among them were the Tuatha de Dannan, the children of Danu and Beli, the grand children of Etarlam and Eadaoin the first two high fays in Primavaldia. The high fays even conducted vicious wars against each other, though there were not as many actual fatalities in these battles as you would think. The vast majority of the high fays died during the destruction of Primavaldia. Those that did not stay behind to fight but swore allegiance to Aoibheann and service to Aleriand and the Great God, known as Aru, survived the destruction.

The Unseelie Court are powerful fays that loved mischief and causing misery to others so much that their bodies took on hideous aspects. They are the descendants of the daughters of Arawn and Ran, who married lesser fays. The Unseelie Court would have all been wiped out at the destruction of Primavaldia if Morrigan had not brought them under her power with vows of allegiance and kept them with the yokai to fight as one against the Evil.
The Lineage of the High Fays
The Four Great Fays
These four high fays are responsible for saving the remnants of Primavaldia, and old Locura.
Aoibheann [(Ee-vuhn) means beautiful.] aka. Aoibheann the Fair
A high fay woman with golden hair, violet eyes, a crown of light and a white gown that shines like a diamond in sunlight. She is the only child of High King Fionnbharr and his fair queen Una, and one of the most powerful fays in Primavaldia - or any of the succeeding worlds. Her gift is the gift of speech and leadership.
She and her three friends, Morrigan, Brigid, and Sulis, decided to go on a quest for immortal souls so that they might not perish when Sulis's vision of the end of the world came true. Their journey led them to the Mediator of the World, who told them that only God could grant immortal souls, but that He would do so if they completed a quest of service to others. In the midst of their quest their request was granted, but with it came the greater moral responsibility, and the desire not just to save themselves, but the world. She and the golden dragons were the architects of Aleriand, made to preserve the all of the good that was left of Primavaldia.

Brigid (bride) aka. Brigid the Wise
A high fay woman with long braids of lusterous brown hair, soft brown eyes, and often wearing peasants clothing, including a long plaid skirt in earth tones even though she is the daughter of the Dagda, one of the high fay kings, and a relative of Aoibheann. Her gift is wisdom and knowledge.
She was the one to suggest obtaining eternal souls to her friends, and later the one to help the seven dragonsages by desining and helping to make the Dragon Sword. When a piece of the Pokemon world was pulled into Primavaldia during the destruction she helped the Pokemon and enlisted the strong among them them to defend the world. Brigid sacrificed her immortal life to bring healing to Palkia, Dialga, and the land of the Pokemon at the begining of Locura. Her body was buried in a sacred grove watched over by Mew and Celebi, but her soul became a part of the land. Later, when the Pokemon Islands were separated from Locura and became a part of the new world, her soul was restored to a new body, a parting gift from Arceus for her loyalty to the Pokemon that had been pulled to Primavaldia. She now lives in the same grove on St. Brigid Island that was once her grave.

Sulis the Valiant
At one time she was a shy but very brave high fay girl with light golden hair and eyes like a pale blue sky, but now Sulis now appears as a pale and ghostly woman, still beautiful, with her long pale blond hair hanging limply to her feet and a golden sun-face mask plugged into a hollow's hole in her chest, dripping water from its mouth. Her gift is prophecy and courage, and later on, life. She is the grandaughter of Dian Cecht the healer of the Tuathe de Dannan.
She was the one who foresaw the end of Primavaldia, which spurred the others on their quest, as well as the day of her own death which she bore in silence. She played her part bravely in trying to save at least a remnant of the world, building, fighting, and dying for the souls of the living. She fought the hollows alongside soul reapers who were pulled into the world at that time and sacrificed her life to seal the hollows away. On her death she became a strange kind of hollow herself, unlike any other, in the world of Hueco Mundo. There she "lives" in a secluded grotto in the Forest of Menos, accompanied by the soul reaper Ashido Kano, whose life she saved with the life giving water of her pool, a pool that was formed from the water issuing from her chest. While very tiny amounts of this water can heal reishi creatures like soul reapers and hollows, larger amounts can restore them to a state of life where they cease to exist in the other world altogether. To a casual observer this water of life that comes from Sulis brings death to the dead.

Morrigan the Terrible
Her hair is a brilliant shade of natural red that flows down her back and curls around her shoulders like a fiery waterfall. Her eyes are a deep emerald green. Her skin is fair and her features Irish. She wears a long cloak of black raven's feathers, and where the cloak parts it reveals a shapely body often provocatively clothed in red leather (though her clothing has become more conservative in recent years). Her feet are usually bare, their only decoration a single anklet of skull shaped beads of colored crystal and dangling charms. The anklet is matched by a necklace of skull beads and charms around her neck. She was in charge of death in old Primavaldia, and loved power. She was drawn into a life long friendship with the other three, and into a search for an eternal soul. After receiving her soul she sought to preserve Primavaldia through any means possible.
She married Enma, a death god in his own world, to get him to help her fight the Evil that was destroying her world. In the end she had to use the power of Enma and his people to form their own land, Yokaisekai (previously known as Demon World) to keep them from being destroyed. When Aleriand separated from Locura, beginning that world's destruction, Morrigan used her power to hold on to the Aoibheann, Brigid, and Sulis drawing large pieces of Locura into the new world.
High Fays of of Note in Triudomhan
Dwyer [means dark wisdom.]
A high fay, and kinsman of Aoibheann, his eyes are the color of thunder clouds, and he has dark runes on his face, arms, and hands, and his tunic seemed to be made of shifting shadows.

Aodhfionn [(Eh-fin) means white fire.]
A high fay, and kinsman of Aoibheann, his eyes are like star light, and his tunic looks like sunlight on water.

Iomhar [(Yo-ver) means Bowman.]
A high fay, and kinsman of Aoibheann, his eyes are as blue as the sky and there are pale blue arrows on the backs of his arms, extending from elbow to knuckle. His tunic looks like the leaves of a forest, and he usually has a long bow slung over his back.

Saebhreathach [(Sah-vrah-huhk) means noble judge.]
Left as an infant in the Temple of Heaven (by his mother, the fay witch Be Chuille) he became a servant of Aoibheann's father, High King Fionnbharr. He was trained by Abartach, and some of the greatest of the high fay mages, Now he keeps the door of the Temple of Heaven, and sees if those who come out of there for purification have truly had their hearts purified. His hair is long, gold streaked with silver, and bound at the back of his neck, and he has a scholarly look. His eyes are silver and he wears a robe reminiscent of a judge's robe, but pure white.

Abartach [(A-bairt) means feat-performing one.]
A tall and lordly fay with sea gray eyes, one of the ancient sorcerers, he was a noble in the High King Fionnbharr's court in Primavaldia and a close friend. In this new world he became the king of the new fay lands in the Hanayomebashi Islands, under Aoibheann in Aleriand as the High Queen of Fays in Triudomhan. He has great magic and is an expert healer.

Myrddin [(Muhr-thin) means sea heights.] aka. Merlin
One of the most powerful fay magicians, he is the son of Glyndwyr son of Arawn, and the twin brother of Gwendydd who became the wife of Llefylys and grandmother of the High King Fionnbharr. He is tall and handsome like all high fays, but with dark, medium length hair, and slightly bushy brows, clear blue-green eyes like the sea, and rich velvet and sable sorcerer's robes in dark blue with silver celtic patterns, and a sea green shirt with forest green leggings and black leather boots. At one time he was the human king Arthur Pendragon's chief advisor, until his beautiful assistant and student, the fay Myfanwy (aka. Niviane or Nimue) trapped him with an enchantment in the well of Broceliande Forest. Because of Myrddin's entrapment Arthur suffered severe setbacks and his kingdom was destroyed. Thousands of years later, towards the end of Primavaldia, the entrapment spell was broken by the death of Myfanwy during the Great War. The sorcerer Shimron Meron was there at the exact moment Myrddin emerged (due to the Probability Board), and offered him a way off of the dying world in exchange for his service. Myrddin accepted his offer and now serves Shimron Meron in Triudomhan.

Suibhne [(Siv-nee) means well-going.]
Of unknown parentage, though perhaps mixed because he was born with an eternal soul, he was found as an infant and blessed by Sulis, who gave him to an elderly childless couple to raise. Later, when his foster parents died of a plague, he learned to be a doctor at a monastery. He was sent away when the monks discovered that he was a fay. Becoming a wanderer he finally found his way to High King Fionnbharr's court where he completed his studies. He currently serves the king of Aleriand as a doctor and teaches medicine to other fays. Suibhne usually wears white robes and has long golden hair and crystal blue eyes. He is humble and soft spoken, but very powerful in his own way.
Lesser Fays and Fairies
(in progress)
Fay History
Fay history has been divided into different periods from Primavaldia until Triudomhan. It remains undated though, as the immortal lives of fays care little about exact dates and the number of years, unlike mortals. Here are the periods of fay history:

The Primordial or Idyllic Era: This is the pristine beginning of the world and its natural, pastoral, state. At this time most of those drawn to Primavaldia were also fays and creatures of nature, like fauns, unicorns, dryads, and of course the dragons. The dragons were the most powerful of the creatures of Primavaldia next to the High Fays who originated in Primavaldia itself. The most organized structure was merely the family.
The Ascendancy of the Fay Kingdoms: It is disputed as to whether this truly begins with the coming of man and the other races, or with the move of Danu and Beli to Tir Prydferth in Ierne. It is characterized by the High Fays forming Kingdoms and empires over vast portions of Primavaldia, even to the point of engaging in battle over these lands. During this time the dragons also formed nations (all in the imitation of human endeavors with their city-states) and the Fa dynasty of the Golden Dragons was founded, along with the original Temple of Heaven being built.
The Ascendancy of the Mortal Kingdoms: This period of time is known by mortals as the "Golden Age", though it is when most of the dragon kingdoms declined and the High Fays retreated from their former holdings into secluded kingdoms and magical islands. This period is characterized by the rapid expansion and interaction of mortal kingdoms, men, dwarves, elves, and others such as the winged Arnfolke, frost giants, centaurs, goblins, and orcs. A general and mutual peace was kept, mostly by various peoples forming close associations with similar kinds for protection and disassociating from those that were too different.
The Age of Evil: The time leading up to this was charged with many conflicts, that may have been exacerbated by the Great Evil. The single event that marks the beginning of this period (though no one knew till long after it happened, and it was discovered only well into the destruction of the time) is the death and fading of the World Tree and the crumbling of the Ivory Tower, accompanied by disappearance of the physical form of the Mediator. This period is marked by the massive scale of warfare, unusually cold and turbulent weather and the failing of crops, plagues, and general violence. For some fays this period ended with voluntary exile, for others it ended with the great War, and for many it ended in death.
The Exile and/or The Great War: As the age of Evil became apparent, High King Fionnbharr and the dragon emperor, Kung Tang Fu, heeding the prophecy of Sulis, gathered together the most powerful of the fays, sorcerers, and all who sided with good and commissioned the building of Aleriand which was to be a refuge of all with good will. Emperor Kung Tang Fu insisted that the Temple of Heaven be placed there, and to avoid tainting it with evil all who would go there would have their hearts purified. While Aleriand was yet incomplete, High King Fionnbharr and his knights were killed in battle and Tir Nan Og was overrun and burned to the ground. Orphaned, Aoibheann continued her work on Aleriand, and as many fays as would, bound themselves by a geis to serve Aleriand and obey the council that was formed from the variety of mortals with purified hearts that came to live there. Then Aleriand was taken from the world altogether. For those who remained the Great War began in earnest. Eventually all living sided with the remaining High Fays and their allies against the undead puppets of the Great Evil. Of those last battles, and the final defeat of the Evil, only those with Morrigan and Brigid are known* to have survived, in the realms they protected, but Brigid herself lost her life.This was the beginning of the exile for Morrigan and the remnants of the Unseelie Court, locked away in Yokaisekai which Morrigan built for her yokai allies in the interrior of the new world, Locura. The period of time covered by the exile in which Locura existed has been dated though. Locura lasted for 2009 years, with Conchobhar being born to Morrigan and Enma, king of the yokai, in the 5th year.
The devastation of the last days of the Age of Evil and the sorrow of the Exile was long remembered by the fays of Aleriand in their most mornful song. (Quoted from the World Split)
"A song began, the lament of the exiles, a song that had not been heard since the fall of Primavaldia. They sang of the great shining cities of Falias, Gorias, Murias, and Finias crumbled into ruin, the fertile fields of Mag Mell, Mag Mor, and Tir Tairngire laid waste, the beautiful islands of Tirn Aill, Tir Nam Beo, Hy Breasail, and Avalon gone forever, and the fair towers of the High King’s palace at Tir Nan Og broken and fallen and the tragic death of High King Fionnbharr and his fair queen Una, the parents of Aoibheann the fair. They sang of the cavalcade of Tuatha De Danaann Knights; seven score steeds, each with a jewel on its forehead like a star, and seven score horsemen, all the sons of kings, in their green mantles fringed with gold, and golden helmets on their heads, and golden greaves on their limbs, and each knight having in his hand a golden spear; dead, dead, all dead on the field of battle. They were exiles without a land to call their own, their world destroyed, crumbled to dust. Would it ever rise again? The former glory was gone away, and now they must wander without a home, waiting, waiting, ever waiting, till the long road ended or they perished into dust."
(*It is believed that some dragons and lesser fays, among other creatures, may also have survived to the formation of Locura, and borne offspring, but there is no evidence beyond the presence of dragons and fays in Locura, and the survival of Tenmonko and the shrine of the Dragon Sword.)
The latest period of history, that of Triudomhan, has no name yet as it is uncertain what kind of times these shall be. This time does mark the end of the exile for all of the fays of Aleriand.
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