The Collected Histories (Tales of Primavaldia and Locura)

This contains Triudomhan maps, history, characters, archives and other relevant information.
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The Collected Histories (Tales of Primavaldia and Locura)

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(Work in progress)
The Collected Histories
(Tales of Primavaldia and Locura)
The End of the First World and The Beginning of Locura -
as told by Tenmonko
"No, of course people would forget," said the dragon, Tenmonko. "I had thought perhaps a descendant of Fang De would have heard stories, but then Aleriand has been separate for so long... Very well, I shall begin at the beginning.

"The dragons were the first to arrive in this world, back when it was of the elements, pristine, pure, and yet still chaotic and unfettered, unshaped by the human mind. We lived in peace with the elemental creatures, the fays, and the animals, except when we hunted the latter for food. In time the humans came to this world and began shaping it after their imaginations. We formed nations and great cultures to harmonize with their own, and those of the others who followed, but then the evil came. We never found out how that evil came, or even what it was, but we know what it did. It caused war and betrayal. The entire land was engulfed in a chaos of bloodshed. The wise among us gathered together. It was decided that a land would be separated by a barrier from the rest of the world. Most of the fays had already fled there and pledged their power to preserve a pristine land. To ensure that evil would never find a foothold only those with purified hearts, followers of the Eternal God in whom there is no evil, were allowed to live in that land, the country of Aleriand. That meant that many would remain outside of the safety of that land and at the mercy of evil and chaos. The seven Dragonsages and many wise men decided to remain outside of Aleriand to help those in need, but the evil prevailed. The land was broken and turned to chaos and almost all life was extinguished before the disasters ended, and new minds shaped the lands in their own image. All of the old wisdom died in that destruction, but before their passing the Dragonsages created a weapon, a sword, from their combined powers and spirits. It was called 'The Dragon Sword of the Seven Sages'. It was prophesied that this sword would be wielded by the Dragon Saint, not to spread death and destruction, but to bridge the gap between all of the peoples so that the evil that once destroyed the world would not destroy it again. It was said that she would come in the company of the protector of dragons, who would be called Dragon God, and who had joined his destiny to hers under an altar of sacred stone. I was chosen as a young dragon maiden to guard the Sword until she came. I have out lived hundreds of life times of my kind waiting for the the chosen one to appear."
Morrigan's Tale - as she told it told to Tejas and the DG90
Long before this world called Locura existed there was another, as you have already heard. It was Primavaldia. A world where the Mediator lived in the ivory tower, by the sapling of the world tree, Laerad. She created order in the world as she designed with her heart and was directed to, and it was indeed a world of order with natural laws that held true, not as things are today.

Many beings from other worlds came there, as they do to Locura. The first were the dragons, as you know, then the humans, but before any of them came we existed, the spirits of nature made flesh. Fairies, sprites, the Tuatha de Danu and the Unseelie Court, and many others. All of us had jobs caring for nature, making sure that the balance was kept. We were creatures without souls, living like the beasts on instinct and joy, fulfilling our endless lives without concern for the future. Sometimes, in later years, we warred among ourselves and mourned the deaths of those who should have been deathless for a season, but then returned to our lives without guilt or regret.

I, Morrigan, was one of the most powerful of the Tuatha de Danu, even in my childhood. It was my job to cull the weak and sickly animals so that only the stronger ones would breed. The yokai are right in calling me a goddess of death - though I do not allow it for various reasons - for death was my gift, although mortals often did not see it so when I took away their sheep and cattle. I did not merely have power though, I was drawn to it, like a moth to light. I mastered nearly every form of power I could find, till those who sought victory in battle came to me. I could give a warrior strength with a kiss or take it completely away with a touch. I had many affairs with men in those days, with any who pleased me. Once it nearly cost me a friend when I had an affair with Brigid's father that caused her parents to separate."

I had three good friends who were as powerful, in their own way, as I was. Brigid had the power of wisdom and knowledge. She was unmatched in the setting of runes and spells, and in the smithing of metals and compounding herbs, but more than that she always seemed to know the best way to do things, the right way that would always yield good results. Sulis was as reckless as Brigid was careful, but not without cause. Sulis could see the future. She knew the times and seasons for everything, and did not consider anything too dangerous to venture for the greater good. She was the least happy of the four of us though. I once asked her why and she said that she had seen her own fate, but would say no more. Then there was Aoibheann, daughter of the High King of the Tuatha de Danu. She was skilled in many different things and had powerful magic, but her special skill was in leadership. She could settle arguments with a word and convince people to do great and impossible things.

It was Sulis of course who saw the end coming. She saw the future of Primavaldia. She saw everything destroyed. Not just the planet's surface, not just life, but the whole world was going to be reduced to nothingness. As creatures bound to the substance of the world we would cease to be along with it. None of us wanted our existence to stop. It was Brigid that proposed that we obtain immortal souls, like the many people who had come to Primavaldia. If we had immortal souls our lives would go on forever, even if our bodies were reduced to nothing. I am afraid that is the only knowledge we had of such things. We never dreamed of the consequences of owning immortal souls.

The four of us together went on a long and arduous search for our illusive prize. Our search eventually led us to the ivory tower of the Mediator, who consulted with the One the dragons called Aru. She then set for us tests that we had to pass before we were granted our desire, a desire which had become an obsession for us. Looking back I see that the tests were designed to teach us the responsibility of owning an eternal soul."

The whole thing, our search and the tests, took hundreds of years to accomplish, all the while the day of Primavaldia's destruction coming closer. Evil was already seeping into the land, from where we never knew, but wars sprang up and once open cities became fortresses. Many of our own people had been killed and returned to the elements we were made from. Eventually we achieved our desire. We obtained immortal souls and insured the continuance of our own lives, but that was not all. For the first time we knew remorse and guilt for our self centered acts. We began to care about the people of Primavaldia, their future, and the future of our world. We had to try to save our world from destruction, no matter how hopeless it seemed.

To this end, of preserving Primavaldia, Aoibheann gathered the remnant of the Tuatha de Danu, and together with the golden imperial dragons they built a good land that could be dimensionally phased to escape the final destruction and exist apart until a new world was formed. The wisest ones had determined that if enough of the the old world survived, the essence of a new one would likely form that could be shaped anew. It was determined that only those with purified hearts would be allowed in Aleriand, to prevent the evil from destroying it too. Unfortunately, that left many behind in the world, like the Unseelie Court," she gestured to the black robed figures behind her, "those who fed on the lives of others like vampires, and mortals that preferred self centered lives. Many of those had not yet been consumed by evil. There was also another problem. If the evil was not defeated, and the foundations laid for protecting the future world, then any world that came into being would likewise be destroyed.

Sulis and I determined to fight the evil along side of any who would join us to try and destroy the evil, but Brigid and the dragon sages formed a plan to protect the future in the form of the Dragon Sword. The Dragon Sword was a weapon, yes, but its primary function would be to allow its bearer form bonds with all the various peoples that would populate the new world, and draw them together in time of need to fight as one against evils that would destroy them. In that project Sulis used her foresight and courage in the planning and protecting of the sword, I lent my power and drew the power of the dragon sages to its forging, and Brigid forged it with mystical elements and many runes and spells that would give it the properties we desired. The three of us took with us the final jewels that would complete its power, the power to summon people to battle against evil once more. After securing the Dragon Sword for a future time with its young dragon guardian, we turned our efforts to battle against the evil and those who sided with it.

In the early stages the evil deceived people into acting irrationally and starting wars against each other. For some it was the idea that they were taking out a perceived enemy before the 'enemy' had a chance to strike. For others it was expanding their territory to insure their survival. Not even our own people were immune, and fairy wars were fierce. Wholesale destruction began. Only the very wise and the good resisted the evil and acted with reason, that is until many years had passed and the damage had become obvious. The violence, no the destruction of the innocent, was feeding something, making it stronger, and the result was that the very core of our world had been dissolved into nothing. Then people began to listen to reason, and they listened to Sulis' prophecy, but things had gone too far. Those who were sent to the Mediator for help found her tower broken, the world tree dead, and the Mediator was gone. We were on our own.

You can see now how the creation of Aleriand was a wise and strategic move, but it was not enough for us. After Aleriand was created, and the Dragon Sword seen to, Brigid, Sulis and I turned our attention to those who were left behind. We gathered all who would listed to reason, to resist the evil and those who followed it. At this time the factions were very clear, and the evil had become strong enough to sense. We could also sense the conduits of negative energy that fed it from those completely within it's sway. So we fought them, and when they died the conduits began closing. We hoped to starve it to death.

Something that hadn't closed though was the attraction our world had toward other worlds." She looked at Ming. "It was during this unfortunate time that a portion of a world of Pokemon was pulled into ours, intact. It filled a void in our world, but it also made them potential victims. Pokemon proved to be incredibly resistant to the evil. They could not be influenced by it, nor could the humans who were in close association with them. So Brigid went to them and enlisted the strong among them, and their legendaries, to our cause. She had an immediate bond with them, one that lasted long after her death.

But others came for the carnage. Spirits known as Hollows came to devour the souls of the dead, and the oni and other yokai came to devour the living. Sulis went to battle against the hollows. She said that it was not right that eternal souls should be devoured, and that those who died would not be given the rest from this conflict that they should have. She took it very personally. Even then I knew that this was the end she had foreseen for her life. A few soul reapers, also new to our world, fought along side Sulis and died, devoured by hollows but she managed to push them back to Hueco Mundo, and sealed them in. In the process Sulis lost her own immortal life but became stronger, in the manner of the soul reapers and the hollows, and to make the seal hold fast she sealed herself in Hueco Mundo too. She is in that barren world of the tormented dead to this day, and shall never leave as long as it exists. That is where Lien Hua found her.

It was left to me to me to deal with the invading yokai. Though it was the more violent and powerful ones who pushed their way into our world, there were many weak and peaceful ones that were sucked in with them. I had to protect the weak while getting the strong to side with me against the evil. I was very grateful for the things that Aoibheann, Sulis, and Brigid, taught me. They shall always be my sisters though we came from different clans. I don't think I could have made it without the years we spent together. In the end I succeeded. I made a pact with the unruly yokai and their fearsome lord. I convinced them of the danger and gave them a hope for a future, and those that I couldn't reason with Enma and I beat into submission. I earned their respect, enticed their lord, and became like a goddess to them. Though I did not have the skills of Aoibheann, or the wisdom of Brigid, or the insight of Sulis, I succeeded in leading these people in combat, and afterward into building a world of their own.

In the last days of the war there was on our side a coalition of humans, dragons, and other creatures under their lords and kings; the yokai under Enma and myself, along with the whole remnant of the Unseelie Court who had given their allegiance to me; and the Pokemon and the legendaries under Brigid, along with a remnant of Primavaldia's original creatures. The world was literally crumbling under us, and our enemy had turned his fallen warriors and other mortal remains into the walking dead in desperation. Fighting zombie warriors is difficult, but not impossible. If it wasn't for the state of the world itself a complete victory would have been assured. As it was the victory was a pyrrhic one. If the resistance had started sooner there would have been hope in saving Primavaldia, but as it was our world was done for. His warriors destroyed, his source of energy cut off, our enemy vanished. Whether the evil truly died that day or merely went dormant, I don't know, but he was defeated once, and can be again if those who watch over Locura are vigilant and catch on in time. Still we were left with a dying world that was quickly falling apart.

Brigid gave up her immortal life to give life to the Pokemon legendaries, who were near death, and keep their lands in one piece. Her soul is still bound to those lands, and there she will rest forever, watched over by the Pokemon she came to love. It was also there, in the past, that Lien Hua met Brigid, taken there by Celebi. Others drifted about with the rubble of what remained, frozen in time and space by Palkia and Dialga till there was a somewhere for them to be. Enma and I, along with the Unseelie court formed this world for the yokai, much as Aoibheann and the remnant of the Tuatha de Danu formed Aleriand, out of the remains of Primavaldia in the empty place that was once its core. You might say that Demon World is the polar opposite of Aleriand, but we are all that is truly left of the old world. Primavaldia exists no more.

The wise had hoped that with enough of the old world left a new one would form around the remnants like crystals around a 'seed', and they were right. A new world did coalesce, but a shapeless empty one. Without the Mediator to shape it, it was nothing. Then, when I had almost lost hope, the world quickly began to take shape. Those who had been suspended in time emerged. Unlike the Primavaldia though this new world often made no sense. Time varied from location to location, and even land forms changed without notice. I hoped that the world would settle down and follow a more rational order, like that of Primavaldia, so that Demon World and Aleriand could once again be a part of it, and for a while it seemed like it would. I now know that it never will, what's more I now know why.

In Primavaldia it was the Mediator who controlled our world and formed it. Locura has something like the Mediator, only not just one. Locura has many such beings. They do not show themselves much, preferring that you know nothing about them, so it took me a while to figure this out. They were quite active a few months ago with the final battle for Xela, and in the trial of MK in regards to the fallen house, so I had the chance to observe them fairly closely. I believe they call themselves OOC's, and just talking about them breaks walls in the poor town of Termule. I suppose for the most part they mean well, they don't really want their creations destroyed, but it is just that to them. It is a game, a toy, a form of amusement to them. They think nothing of the destruction of hundreds of lives, as long as they are not the people they are fond of. Time and space are for their convenience. The more bizarre the events, the better they like it. Sometimes I think our Mediator may be among them, but if she is she must be very weak. Another side of this relates to Uther's remark. No, we do not invent our enemies, but they do! It is all part of their game. Even if enemies and evils arise naturally, and are not specifically created, it is still a part of their game. This is why Locura will never have peace, and never be complete and whole.
Lord Seiryu's Tale - as told to Princess De Zhen
My late wife introduced me to the love of gardens. She had made the most beautiful gardens all around our palace. She was a dragon of surpassing beauty and grace. She had such a love of life. When I found her murdered, along with our children, I went mad with grief and rage. I destroyed everything, every plant, every tree, everything that she had loved, and then I took my rage out on anything that came near. It was then that Enma caught and subdued me, and made me one of his commanders. Serving Enma and destroying the ones who murdered my wife and children were the only purposes I had left in life. When we came through the gateway to the dying world of Primavaldia I didn't care if I died. I only lived to kill.

I am one of the oldest of the yokai that came with Enma. I was there when the Morrigan made a pact with Enma. I saw Enma hew a path through the rotting enemy with his scythe and I was splattered with their putrid blood. I roared in victory even as I saw the empty gray skies of a dead world; skies without sun, moon, or stars, without darkness or light, and a world dissolving into nothingness. I saw and rejoiced at the thought that I also would become nothing, and would finally be free from the pain of my lonely life without her. But I did not die. The world was reformed and life began again. So, I adjusted to life. I am the Azure Dragon, the sign of Spring, and one of the five great lords Enma chose to bring balance to the world that Morrigan made. I had to accept my life, and live it well.
The Forbidden Tale - as told by Kimae the Necomusume
"All right," said Kimae, and she began...
"Ages ago our people came from a land beyond the sun, moon and, stars, from a far away world. We walked through a door in space to a world of bloodshed, a world of death. This was the 'First World', and there we filled our bellies with the flesh of men and dragons and drank their blood. Then came the nuppefuhofu (zombies), honeheishi (bone soldiers), and even the gashadokuro (giant skeletons), those who would not die, and they slew us in great numbers."
"It was there, in that land of smoke, and blood, and fire, that our king, Lord Enma the Slayer, saw the Morrigan as she danced her dance of death, and he desired her with a burning passion. He desired her, not only because she was more shapely and beautiful than all mortal women, but because she was the goddess of death, one of the immortals, and she could give him such power and strength that none could stand against him. He would also be a god. The Morrigan saw the desire in his eyes and made a pact with him. She said to him, 'Let your people stand by my people and slay all my enemies, and I shall give you all that you desire.' Enma the Slayer could not resist. He pledged himself and all the yokai to the service of the goddess Morrigan, and slept with her to seal the pact. When he rose up he also had become a god of death. His scythe cut off the heads of the deathless like a farmer harvesting wheat, and he piled them in heaps. Their putrid bodies rose no more. All of the yokai fought with power and tore their enemies to pieces. They fought without tiring, without defeat, in the power of the goddess of death, till the enemy was no more and the world was shattered."
"Then Lord Enma and the Morrigan came together as husband and wife, and fulfilled the week of commitment. When it was finished she spoke to her husband and said, 'I am no longer a goddess only of death, but a goddess of life, for you have kindled life within me.'..."

"Was that when prince Conchobhar was born?" asked the tanuki girl, Itazurako.

"No, that was much later," said the necomusume, then she continued...
"Then the Morrigan gave birth to the mountains and trees, to fire and water, snow, ice, and air, to the moon, the stars, and the fiery sun. The sun did not even burn her as it came from her womb and went to it's place in the sky, so mighty is she and full of power. Lord Enma, her husband, praised her for what she had given birth to, and declared that this would be the land of the yokai forever and ever. And it is the land that we dwell in to this day."

The History of old Falcon 6 Town and Midtown
The Old NPC Town - as told by Old Bob
"Well, my grandpap used to say that we came here because of the river, the farming here was good, but then some big disaster happened and we were saved from it by a great hero. I don't rightly recollect what that disaster was, but the feller that saved us was a sort of orangeish hedgehog with a purple mask. He had little a blue fox guy with him. Anyway, we named the town after the hero, Falcon 6 Town. There used to be a statue of him in the town till it got destroyed in some battle. *looks at the world map* Hey, will you look at that! It looks just like the hero Falcon 6 and his sidekick! You know, there might be a good story in that, kind of like 'how the moon got it's face'.

"Well anyway, we got along pretty peaceful like for a while, but then this cafe up and appeared across the field from us. We pretty much used the field for sports and such. Anyway, this cafe seemed like a pretty good thing at first, but then all manner of disasters started happening! Strange people started moving in and new houses went up near the old town. Sure we got a town hall, a power plant and all kinds of other stuff now that we didn't have before, but I'd rather have things like they were in the good old days, without all these disasters and such."

A Log of Events:
The Beginning of the Cafe - recorded by Anime
RP Log:
H.A.P.I. was killed in battle by a demon (he self-destructed taking the demon out too) but he came back because he got bored of being dead... O_o

Mega Man (one I made up) came back and we need to figure out who we are gonna keep...
it's Mega Man V.S. MegaSeph

The fight of the century took place and in the end I fused the two together. I think everyone thinks I'm a hero now ^_^. Anyways now he is Mega Mega Seph Man and he is pretty much MegaSeph who says Navy a lot... go figure...

HAPI and MMSM (Mega Mega Seph Man) seem to be getting on the nerves of Larxene... they were attacked twice so far... one thing is good about it though... we found out that Larxene is from the Zelda universe... next up H.A.P.I. will tell us where HE is from...

He was built 500 years ago in a tragic story that allowed him to go into S.A.D. mode... heh who knew?!?

MMSM bothered Luigiboy7 so much for a new hairstyle that Luigi shaved him bald.... he ran away for a bit but was found in the back room of the Cafe... He challenged Luigiboy to a fight and he went crazy... THEN he is craving blood and transformed out of his dress... not a good sign... He then transformed into Sephiroth and after a long fight he was defeated.... he returned to normal but may one day go insane again.... ah well bosses are always easier the second time.

After the fight the Cafe was in bad shape... Xemnas came and fought MMSM... somehow Mega won... but that is temporary I think.... Jenna showed up as well as Takeru! Jenna nearly destroyed the cafe accidentally, triggering a new plan for the Cafe.

I became a Nobody!!! But I don't remember how or where . Xela was being attacked by Xemnas but her friends stood up for her... finally the Cafe was close to being fixed up!

Things just started to quiet down until Waluigiboy7 showed up... Luigiboy7 was pretty ticked off.... He called HAPI "spark plug" and HAPI fought with him until he fused with the darkness to become Dark version SAD. Then to make matters worse Xemnas joined them! MMSM was afraid to fight because his Sephiroth form might make him go evil.

Axel, Larxene, and I decided to go and fight Waluigi and the others and stop them from finding Sanity (light magic

At the battlefield we ran into Xemnas who I was finally about to fight but Axel wanted to fight him alone... he made quick work of him. HAPI was left to fight us as Waluigi went somewhere else. He transformed to Jenna and hacked my mind making me attack my friends! I used dark magic making me grow very ill so we retreated.

Meanwhile at Castle Oblivion the group found out that I became a nobody there. Also my Heartless was leading a army of Heartless into Heaven to invade all minds! He got away but the army was defeated (with some help by Felix, Piers, and Ivan). The group headed back down because without HAPI we couldn't go to GOAM!

While all this was going on Mega, Takeru and the others were playing card games until Waluigi attacked and tried to get Mega to join him! Luxord and Waluigi fought until Waluigiboy7 ran away to the battlefield bringing the other Waluigiboys with him!. In the back room my group came right after Vexen sent a Riku Replica out to the battlefield. Mega fixed my mind but I was still sick. Everyone sang karaoke and me and Jenna were forced to stay in the Cafe till I was better.

RR and HAPI (now named Finsternas) started fighting until the Luigiboys and Sanity came down on a rocket!
Getxs came (Steg's nobody version... he's evil) to the cafe for revenge and Lira appeared and started causing trouble for Finsternas... I got better and Jenna ran over to see Lira (apparently Lira was mad at Mia for a incident a while ago).

Waluigi and the others ran off when they grew outnumbered and everyone returned to the Cafe.... only to get ready to split up yet again!

Me and Gohan plus Larxene, Axel, Sanity, and others went to fight. Jenna, Xela, Takeru, Luigiboy7, and others went to go find Lira at Imil! After a successful mission of getting rid of Lira for a while the others (Team Nobodies) left... but for some reason the dark portal closed on Jenna! When the others met up with Team Light and when I saw Jenna was missing me and Xela went back to Imil! Only to discover she started to go to Vale! On top of that Getxs appeared at the Cafe! Jeez do we EVER get a break?!

Getxs sent hundreds of Vexen's replicas at the Cafe (he may have got it and Castle Oblivion) then left. The other Nobodies ran to the Cafe (and left Team Dark) to send Sora and Riku to fight the replicas... in hopes they will die and to leave to finds Getxs. Meanwhile Xela, Kaze (a Jupiter Dijinni she rescued), and I made it to Vale. Getxs tried

Big annoying fight -_-... We used our strongest attacks on him at once at the end... no one can say for sure if it worked yet. X3 was by a nearby lake and while we all were relaxing for a brief moment we were attacked!. By three hedgehogs! Flamer, Freezer, and Lightner... THE ELEMENTAL BROS! No matter what we couldn't beat these guys... then Falcon came along and whipped them... -_- After leaving it seems Getxs survived after all! great... -_-

OK, Myst came in ordered a lot of milk stuff form LoZ. left though hole in wall Xephos made. 3 bounty hunters came, one is a ninja still knocked out in the cafe, the other was Ro Ressan in disguise, and the last one, was a snake-man-mage-thingy who left to find out more about Fog who is Myst's "opposite" which in Myst's world some who is from a near by world who has a link with them, when Fogs power is strong Myst is weak, vise versa. The snake person left traded to find out more about Fog for a cursed amulet, and some Metroids, which are valuable because Myst's world has none.

We all decided to do a play on the Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. But after a.... not so good first act then a freeze we stopped.

There was talk of remaking the Spirit Splitter Potion, the same thing that split Xela's powers up! Not wanting to repeat it we all said no to remaking it. Xephos, MMSM, Vexen, and Sanity were acting strange. It turns out Xephos had tried to make the potion himself in hopes of becoming whole again and stop being a Nobody! He nearly blew up the Cafe and Jenna got mad at him. You do NOT want to make Jenna mad. Ro Ressan was taken over by a fire spirit due to the explosion. All the while, Giga and Teh X-naut were attacking.

Sanity, Vexen, and Mega were making the Spirit Splitter as well! With everyone's help the succeeded! And used it on the captured Rin! The second we found out we scolded them... Jenna knocked Mega out and we left him in the back room.

Larxene was having nightmares at night for QUITE a while, preventing her from getting any sleep! Her mother was sending her them we thought, due to someone or someTHING disturbing the bottom of the well... We all traveled there and found a wolf and snake... but they could TALK?! Wizards.... of course. We managed to defeat them and I got Ice arrows. We also found Talraeia
and Lerean... relatives of Larxene. They stayed at Castle Oblivion.

A new tournament was starting! We started to sign up right away! Then Myst noticed a strange Fortress... the Mech

At the tournament, we were ready to start (I was busy giving away Crests at the time of the Mech Fortress) but I was back for the tournament! Me, Gohan, Jenna, and MMSM entered.... but wait? Where WAS Mega?!

He appeared at last. And BOY was he mad. When he woke up he found the semi-empty Spirit Splitter potion. He used it on Jenna!!!!! We set off to find Jenna's Spirit hosts! HOLD ON JENNA! Mega! You will pay for this!

We tracked down three spirit hosts! Chiirumon, a serpent Digimon (of hope... meaning MY DIGIMON =D), Schale, A mysterious Noki, and Vento, a famous Yoshi cookie cook. Mega helped us defeat a giant Raven, while Kamek tried to steal the Cafe's Yoshi cookies and failed! We all decided to head to Castle Oblivion to rest up a bit.

A little mishap with Sora and Riku... nothing too big. We found out where the other spirit hosts were afterwards! But one was... skipping worlds?! We all split up and prepared to find them, not to mention see if the rumor that... Lira was back... was true.

We barely started our mission, when BANDWIDTH NAZBIES INVADED! We all went to the Temporary Cafe, where Xela's birthday took place, not to mention karaoke night... WHICH I MISSED AGAIN X_X. When I returned we found out that Aliere kidnapped ALL the Spirit hosts except Jenna and Chiirumon. To make matters worse, Dragonheart's brother turned evil and was framing DH, AND Xela was possessed by Lira herself!

We all traveled to Hyrule and confronted the enemy! After we climbed out way to the top, Zexion Faced the possessed Xela, and won. The rest of us saved the captured spirit hosts! After THAT war we returned to Karikoko Town for dinner at Larxene's dad's house. But we left early to fight in the war against the Bandwidth Nasbies!

We won! We returned home to a big surprise! Everything was turned into a TOWN! We got homes and everything! Jenna spirit serpent was reformed and the tournament was about to start! Finally things began to look good!

That's pretty much all I can say right now....

2008 Events in Falcon 6 Town (retrieved from the old Calendar)

Winter (Mid Winter)
Day 1, 2008 - Tuesday (New Year's Day)
A strange lapse in time is discovered between Christmas Day and New Year's Eve
Xela is whole and still possessed by her heartless and still missing
Myst gets a black marble like thing
DragonHeart is very ill
Cafe attacked by Litana and Linara's lackeys Tundra and Flamevenom - defeated
Ruki threatens the cafe in a non-threatening manner
Nimexa healed from spirit splitter
Digimon/boy attacks Lien Hua, she becomes Angewoman, the boy is killed
Sera found in the snow
(Lien Hua learns Pokemon from a data swap - celebrates birthday)
(Name of Lien Hua's zanpakuto revealed)

Day 2, 2008 - Thursday
Mysterious Map and letters appear in the cafe, again
(Lien Hua trains with Kazuki)
Sera goes to work at the cafe
Tejas is mentally contacted by Libra
Shun chased by dogs
Funeral for the digimon/boy
Litana, Linara, and Laera attack - major battle
Laera ia captured - OOC's show up - Lira, Xela, and Lae separated, Lira fled
Litana, Linara, and Lira die
Xela runs away
Tejas plans a raid to Festung Island
Beta gets engaged to Annette
A man in a suit tries to buy the spirit splitter
(Lien Hua arranges for Ming to be trained)
Meteor lands by the cafe - is really a little boy
Larxene, Zexion, Axel, Nimexa, Gelb, and Orange follow the letters to an ambush
A strange man attacks Purple Link

Day 3, 2008 - Friday
Larxene, Zexion, Axel, Nimexa, Gelb come back
Father Anderson arrives
Ming is trained to level 3
DG90, Lien Hua, and others go on a mission to Festung Island, Xin Le Hua is created
Surprise party for Nimexa
Father Asa adopts the meteor boy
Random attack on the cafe with Pokemon - flooded by Demyx and shocked by Larxene
DG90 returns without Lien Hua during attack, Orange also returns
(Shun and Xephos continue feud)

Day 4, 2008 - Saturday
Cafe is inspected (and failed) - Purple Link gets a note from his attacker, Geltrov
"Tails" comes to the cafe and puts something together
Levitating houses crash - MK and Fawfail are put in jail - later they go on trial
A bank in the battlefield is hit by a trolley killing the inspector - heartless appear
Heartless attack the town - are easily destroyed
"Tails" blew a hole in the cafe roof
Vaedel Ridel is found not guilty
Xela is on trial for murdering a puppet in Phoenix Wrightiverse
Nimexa, Larxene, Axel, Steg, DH, Wing, Tejas, Richard, Agni, and Libra go to help Xela
The night was unusually quiet and devoid of activity

Day 5, 2008 - Sunday
MK and Fawfail are still on trial - verdict pending
Wing returned to the cafe (Xela's trial continues in Poenix Wrightverse)
Mad scientist tries to take the boy from Father Asa - resolved by an angel
Dia the dragon chimera was brought into the cafe - scientists attacked - went to library
Time changed from late morning to early evening (bandwidth drain)
Vampire "agent" attacks Father Anderson - vampire is killed
Xela is found innocent - everyone returns from Phoenix Wrightiverse
Axel's mother shows up - arranges wedding
Wing's mother shows up
Lien Hua comes back
Dia goes back to the cafe - is questioned - decides to live in the library
Nimexa is attacked by Myra - Myra looses - Nimexa???
Gabriel creates "test" from Lien Hua's shadow - they fight in the battlefield - shadow flees
Anime announces the Valentine's Day dance in Kokoro
Multiple Dia clones attack DH and the cafe - all but one are killed - the one is questioned
Repairs on the church are made
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