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The Excelsior Factory

Posted: Thu Jan 12, 2012 4:17 pm
by Mamma Peach
The Excelsior Factory
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Named for the river it gets its power from, the Excelsior Factory is located about 15 miles north of Midtown proper in the forested foothills of the northwestern spur of the Mana Mountains (about 200 miles to the north). It is a multipurpose factory, financed by the Midtown Guilds (and Giselle), manned by newcomers to the world, and gets its raw materials from the Kazhad Dwarf mines, Long Beach, and the Pleasant Farms. The factory was designed to be environmentally friendly, based on information from the Library City of Athuair, and uses advanced robotics in production. The factory produces everything from packaged food products and clothing to high tech robots and high speed trains and ships.

The factory has different divisions based on what is being manufactured, with its Computer Chip and Technology Division on the west side of the river. It has a waste management and recycling system in the basement of the main factory building and bioform based water treatment pools in a huge greenhouse garden to the west of the main production building, near the river. A small group of dryads and little tribe of fauns (child sized goat legged people) are in charge of the gardens and are very capable in maintaining the plants there, both for the water treatment and for the fresh food produced for the workers.

The north end has a processing plant for raw metals from the dwarf mines. Some distance from that, closer to the river and attached to the main building, is the old director Mr. Halkin’s personal housing unit with his own laboratories, now re purposed by the new director Mr. Josiah William Ford. Just below that, on the river itself, is the hydroelectric power plant and water works for the factory. To the south is the workers apartment complex, dining facility, education facility for training workers (the worker's children, if any, go to school in Midtown proper and commute by train), a sports complex (with an indoor pool and hot tub, gym, racquetball, tennis, and basketball courts), and train station for the passenger cars with an information center for visitors and new employees. The station for freight is at the northern end of the complex. To the east of the factory is a golf course, ski slopes, and places for other outdoor sports (which are seasonally opened to the general public at a price). In addition to these luxuries many employees also have one (or more) robotic “Suzu”.

The Factory is the biggest supplier of WaldoMart.
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