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Township Housing

Posted: Thu Jan 12, 2012 6:51 pm
by Mamma Peach
Township Housing
These houses are large, 30ft x 60ft, two story houses with multiple rooms. They sell for about $200,000.00 (foreign money or items like jewels can be exchanged through the bank). The empty ones are for sale at the Town Hall.
(The Pheonix Inn has it's own thread.)
~NPCs in the Township Housing~
A- Armani - Mr. Gabriel (Clothing + Leather); Mrs. Dana (High School teacher); kids- Vana, Mario, Arlene
B - Barclay - Mr Alfred (School Principal); Mrs. Sally (School Secretary); kids; Zander, Olivia, Philip
G- Garretson - Mr. Folstone (Adventurer); Suzu maid - Jane
J- Johnson - Mr. Daniel "Dan" (Deacon, master carver); Mrs. Anne (1st + 2nd grade teacher); kids- Tim, Beth, Gary, Suzie, Linda, Mary
P- Parish - Mr. Jonathan (pharmecuticals); Mrs. Darlene; kids- Barry, Margaret, Jimmy; (also hosting Haruko Haruhara - Messenger Girl); Suzu maid - Xenda
R- Richter - Mr. Harold (Banker); Mrs. Flora; son Kevin
S- Sinclair - Mr. Roman (Mayor) Mrs. Vida; kids- Kari, Andrew, Melanie
T- Truman - Mr. Thaddeus (pyrotechnics, explosives, and weapons); Mrs. Jane; son Simon
V- Vincetti - Mr. Nico (architect); Mrs. Berta; son Derek (friend of Kevin)