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Village Housing

Posted: Thu Jan 12, 2012 8:25 pm
by Mamma Peach
Village Housing
The houses here are small, 30ft x 30ft, with few rooms and only one story. They cost about $80,000.00 and empty ones are for sale at the Town Hall.
~NPCs in the Village Housing~
A- Miss Linda Anderson (Secretary to the Mayor)
B- Mr. George Bealle (Guild Master); daughter- Dana Armani
C- Mrs. Jenna Campbell (waitress); daughter- Crystal (had been turned into a digimon by Ruki)
D- Daniels - Mr. Herbert (Animal Husbandry); Mrs. Alvera (Animal Hubandry); kids- Lisa (was bitten by werewolf), James, Anna, Marie, Peter
E- Edward - Mr. Peter (stonemason); Mrs. Lacy (weaver); kids- Laura, Paul
F- Fullers, Mr. Bobby (construction); Mrs. Nancy (seamstress); kids- Frank, John, Dave
H- Hansen - Mr. Carl (Foreman); Mrs. Marsha (7th-8th grade teacher); son- Mike (internet forum)
I- Iverson - Caroline (glassmaker); taking care of Erin (paints with a magic brush)
K- Karver - Mr. Johann (Carpenter); Mrs. Heide (baker), kids- Deedee (baby)
L- Lindell - Mr. Charles (farmer); Mrs. Edith (farmer); kids- Sally, Mark, Jeff
M- Morris - Mr. Roger (electrician); Mrs. Betty (3rd-4th grade teacher); kids- Walter, Nelly
N- Mr. Benjamin Nelson (Church Elder / retired carpenter)
O- Mr. Barry Olds (farmer); daughter- Edith Lindell
Q- Mr. Remington Quincey (metal smith - weapons)
U- Upton - Mr. John (clerk); Mrs. Sarah (bank teller); kids- Tom, Mark, Jerry
W- Mr. Arable Worthington (Judge)
C1 - Sawyer - Mr. Tom (construction worker); Mrs. Becky; kids- Tuck, Elle, Merry, Fin
C2 - Hammerson - Mr. Mack (construction worker); Mrs. Rosie; son- Jack
C3 - Mr. Van Painter - (construction worker)
W1 - Mr. Bill Commons - (security guard at the Town Hall)
W2 - Mudle - Mr. Sam (WaldoMart worker); Mrs. Jeane (WaldoMart worker)
W3 - Ordin - Mr. Uhn (guard/porter at the train station); Mrs. Hilde (WaldoMart worker)
Sam Humphreys (Town Sheriff)