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Mother Fatryshi

Posted: Thu Jun 07, 2012 1:37 pm
by Mamma Peach
Mother Fatryshi
This refers mostly to the mothership of the Konstroda, but also the fortified crater she rests in. She is a factory ship that produces the bodies of both the Konstroda and their animal like Prosserba, as well as being the origin of the Konstroda's souls, and is worshiped like a goddess.

Fatryshi was once an Autobot scout ship named Starwing who with her husband Jetfire searched the universe for energon deposits and new worlds for Cybertron to colonize in the post war period, long after the Great War between the Autobots and Decepticons was over but well before the Beast Wars period. Not looking where she was going she crashed into a fully automated alien terraforming factory ship. Taking most of the blow for her Jetfire's body was completely destroyed, his spark lodging in a energy producing part of the ship in a coma, and Starwing ended up merging with the ship and its CPU, becoming confused about her identity and purpose, and accidentally diverting the terraforming ship she had merged with from it's destination. Arriving on an uninhabited planet she gave birth to new sparks and retrofitted the constructor androids' bodies (but not their CPU's) to house the sparks, giving rise to the Konstroda race and it's confused directive. The Konstroda named her Mother Fatryshi (a contracted form of "factory ship") and treated her as a goddess. When the Konstroda's confused directive led to the destruction of all life on the planet and creating a hostile environment, they repaired Fatryshi's capability for space flight and moved on to another planet where they did the same thing. Each time they repeated the cycle Fatryshi suffered further debilitation until drawn into Triudomhan's universe they reached Triudomhan, the last world they could travel to. There Lien Hua averted further disaster, repaired Mother Fatryshi's body and mind, and provided a new body for Jetfire who was renamed Captain.