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Posted: Thu Jun 07, 2012 1:47 pm
by Mamma Peach
During the reconstruction of the continent after the World Split, the medieval city of Lumiere was removed from its location near the head of the Luminos River to a place near where river, mountains, and desert come together by the headwaters of a side stream of the river. Since the people of Lumiere did not come into the new world the city remained abandoned, and partially ruined from its transition. In February of 2010 the robotic Konstroda in their "Mother" ship crashed in the Luminos River Valley and took over the city rebuilding and renaming it "Hydrobess" (hydro-base, or water base), where they maintain a pseudo-medieval culture.

The Konstroda (constructor androids) are a hybridized race of robots who contain transformer sparks (from their mother and father, Fatryshi and Captain) in manufactured bodies designed by an unknown alien race for terraforming. Though their mother and father are Cybertronian (Autobot transformers) because of the circumstances of their creation they are neither transformers nor do they have any Cybertronian culture. Originally their culture was based on the worship of their Mother and the original makers of the terraforming ship as the "Makers", and the garbled directive to prepare the world for the Makers interpreted as destroying all organic life. Since Lien Hua repaired Mother Fatryshi and accessed the terraforming ship's data they have abandoned the extermination of organics and have embraced a more responsible agriculture to supply their energy needs, as well as a more friendly response to organic people (under the tutelage of their mother and father). The Konstroda are male and female, forming families and reproducing sexually though only as far as the spark is concerned. Female Konstroda are constructed to carry and nourish the new spark until a suitable body is constructed by Mother Fatryshi, smaller bodies at first and then larger ones as the sparks mature until they receive their adult bodies capable of working in the community. The original roles of King and warrior class, High Priests and the priest class, and workers has expanded rapidly to include new catagories as the culture changed. Also a rudimentary monetary and economic system has come into use with the divergent occupations. The Konstroda came with a variety of smaller animal like robots called Prosserba (processor robots), but many are now making pets of organic animals as well.