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Civitas Inferus

Posted: Thu Jul 12, 2012 4:07 pm
by Mamma Peach
Civitas Inferus
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(Originally created by The Archangel)
When the new sun first dawned on Triudomhan three cities appeared in a valley in the Eastern Region. The first, appeared deep underground. The ground began to bulge from the pressure. The earth cracked open spewing out lava and ash, rising upwards. As the volcano cooled a gate appeared, a gate made out of a pure black metal called Xeshium, connecting the surface to the city below. The people in the city were called the Exercitians. They cared nothing for the surface, but were busy repairing the damages to their city and military complexes. Eventually they emerged and saw the city of their traditional enemy the Caelestis, as well as the city of the Portalorium (Terra), and began to prepare for war (a normal state for the Exercitians as their whole culture is based on war). Their sole livelihood at that time was based on pork and mushrooms which were grown in the caverns, with clothing from the leather of the pigs, and the tools and weapons forged from ores that were dug from the earth. The Exercitians, even though they are related to the Caelestis, have bat like wings and many have antelope like horns on their heads. They also are extremely strong and have ability to make wounds worse.

In 2010 (the second year of Triudomhan), with the help of Luke of the Portalorium, the Exercitians waged war on both the Caelestis and the Portalorium. This was known as the Three Cities' War. The Transformer, Captain (from the Luminos River Valley), along with Enma, Morrigan, and the people of Yokaisekai, as well as Luke's brother Arch, came to the rescue of the Portalorium and the Caelestis and defeated the Exercitians (resulting in the death of their Imperator, Dominus, and the rise of General Sentio to the rank of Imperator). Afterward restrictions were placed upon the Exercitians as a part of the terms of surrender, such as maintaining a state of peaceful non-aggression with their neighbors and leading their lives openly as possible while cultivating the land, submitting to periodic inspections, and a year's worth of goods and labor as compensation to the Portalorium and the Caelestis. Some Exercitians believe that Enma and Morrigan are the incarnations of their war-like gods Bellum and Caedis.

In the year since then changes have occurred. The status of Exercitian women has risen somewhat with their involvement in the new agriculture above ground as well as the budding free-market economy. Previously everything was owned by the government and assigned to individuals by the government, since the culture was that of a strict military system with people living in assigned barracks according to rank and function (women and children being of the lowest rank). With the building of the railroad and the closeness of WaldoMart, Exercitians now have a need for independent wages (in the form of WaldoMart cards) and the opportunity to individually sell products directly to other cities and purchase other products in return. (The Exercitian men have developed a love for potato chips and beer.) To keep the military strength up in this "peace time" economy, Imperator Sentio has encouraged his men to train for competition in the Yokaisekai Dark Tournaments. Civitas Inferus has not completely given up it's militaristic goals.