This region contains three river valleys to the east of the Mana Mountains. The northern and souththern two valleys have not yet been explored, but the central one, the Accipio Valley contains the Three Cities (Terra, Civitas Sublimis, and Civitas Inferus) and the Castus River.
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(Originally created by The Archangel)
When the new sun first dawned on Triudomhan three cities appeared in a valley in the Eastern Region. After the first two cities appeared a portal opened on the ground at the head of the river. People poured out of the portal with great haste and closed the portal behind them, sealing them off from their former world forever. After looking around they chose a fairly level spot. Their leader called two men that carried a box with blue stripes on it. The box seemed to glow with an otherworldly blue. The leader opened the box and took out a cube about a foot square. He walked to the center of the chosen area, put the cube down, depressed a smaller raised cube on its surface, and backed away. As soon as he left the area the cube unfolded itself into a myriad of shapes that cut and cleared the area rising into a great city with many towered buildings. After it finished the people entered the city. These people were called the Portalorium. They look like ordinary humans but are somewhat stronger.

Portalorium receive a special portal glove at age 15 and a companion tool at age 18, when they choose their occupation. The glove is traditional to the Portalorium, giving them their name. It conforms to the person it is given to (even taking on a look that compliments that person) and creates portals to any place the owner wishes to, and has previously been to, but will not operate for anyone else. The companion tool is based on the person's chosen occupation. It is a living automaton that has a tool form (like a sword or a shovel) that can be used with the person's job and can also transform into a humanoid form. Each one is unique and has special abilities. These companion tools are made by the city specifically for each person as a helper/companion and given life energy by the city. In the past this life energy was known as Scientia, but since the Three Cities War it has been called a Spark, as the city is actually a descendant of a Cybertronian Autobot and bestows a portion of her spark to each tool she creates.

The Portalorium have a high level of technology and use a barter system instead of money, though some of that is changing, beginning with WaldoMart cards. They have a democratic elder system similar to the Caelestis, and are Christian.

History of the Portalorium-
The Portalorium were nomadic spacefarers when they came upon a derelict ship. In exploring the ship they found a living city, all alone. Others of her kind were nowhere to be found, and her husband was dead, so she joined them. When the Portalorium found the planet Erdis and settled on it she gave birth to other cities. When ever there was a group of people that wanted to go to a new place on Erdis they would be given a new city to take care of. Only the Mother City could give birth to more cities, but each city could spawn companion tools.

Erdis was a good world with plenty of life. The people of that world, called Vegans by the Portalorium. were kind of like plants. They were vaguely humanoid, green, used sunlight for food, communicated telepathically without any words or language, didn't even have mouths; just eyes, ears, and antennae for smelling; but were curious and friendly. The Portalorium had good relations with them.

Generations passed and Portalorium cities increased. Relations with the Vegans were good. Then the bugs came, large arthropodal creatures that lived in hives under the control of their queens. They also arrived in space ships but kept to themselves. They didn't interact with the Portalorium at all, and the Vegans found their minds too confusing to communicate with. They built their hives and kept to themselves. About that time that William Elliot from Earth also arrived on Erdis, and began preaching Jesus. A number of Portalorium accepted his teachings, but many did not. Many new believers were driven out of their cities to cities that were predominantly Christian as this new way of thinking was often viewed as disruptive of the establishment. Then the bugs began to attack. They ruthlessly destroyed the Portalorium and their cities. The Vegans retreated to some place only known to them, and the Portalorium created standing armies, warriors, and weapons to combat them. Alavan Jamacho became the first king of the Mother City, calling all Portalorium to fight under his leadership. Unfortunately in the course of this war Christians were considered a threat by King Jamacho and were attack by their own people as well as by the bugs. Safe Cities, like Terra, housed and protected Christians that fled to them, but they soon had to learn to collapse themselves for portage to new places as King Jamacho would destroy any city that knowingly protected Christians from him.

The people of Terra had just fought a battle against the bugs (bugs don't quit or surrender, but just keep on fighting until they are dead, and then some as parts of their bodies can keep on moving even after they've been cut off) and were in no shape to fight another battle when they got word that King Jamacho was coming. There was no way they could fight Jamacho and surrender was out of the question, so they packed up to move again, leaving their crops in the fields and anything they couldn't carry behind. King Jamacho's army was not far off when Arch opened up a random portal to someplace he had never been (something he had a gift for), like he always did for Terra, but this time the portal was to a place that was not in Erdis at all. The elders discussed it for a bit, but in the end they had no choice but to leave completely, and so they came through the portal and set up the city, permanently. No one has ever been able to make a portal back to Erdis. After settling in they found that they had two neighbors; a floating island city of a winged people called the Caelestis, who worshiped God too but had never heard of Earth or Jesus; and the underground city of the Exercitians who were the enemy of the Caelestis, always trying to destroy them, and who had not yet left their underground city.

In 2010, barely a year later, Arch's brother Luke betrayed his brother and the city by aiding the Exercitians in their war on the Caelestis (and Terra) with the promise that rulership of Terra would be given to him so he could wipe out the Christian traditions, rules, and religion for which his father had died. The tide of the war turned when Terra herself blocked Luke's entry into the city and called for help on an Autobot frequency that brought the Cybertronian, Captain, as well as the armies of Yokaisekai to her aid. On the defending side only the Portalorium elder Eli died, though many were wounded. The Exercitians on the other hand lost many warriors including their Imperator. Luke was defeated by Arch and taken to the Temple of Heaven where he repented. He since then has traveled with his brother.
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