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Civitas Sublimis

Posted: Thu Jul 12, 2012 4:19 pm
by Mamma Peach
Civitas Sublimis
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(Originally created by The Archangel)
When the new sun first dawned on Triudomhan three cities appeared in a valley in the Eastern Region. The next city appeared in the sky, floating on a great island wreathed in clouds, with a gate made of a goldish metal called Selestium. The people of this city were called the Caelestis. They came out and looked on the valley below in confusion. They also saw the volcano and its gate. They knew that their enemies were lurking down below. Then calling a council meeting they talked about what their next actions were to be. They decided to keep their city where it was and remain inside, to be safe from their enemies. They also gave names to the things around them including the Accipio Valley and the Castus river. They are winged like the Athuarians, but completely unrelated. They are related though to the bat winged, and horned, Exercitians who are their traditional enemies from whom they constantly have to protect themselves. The Caelestis also have photographic memory and healing powers. The Caelestis raise sheep and grow grain, fruit, olive groves, and vinyards on their floating island. They have a barter system and a democratic government. They also worshipped God from ancient times and offer sacrifices of sheep to Him in an open air Temple. After a short time they made friends with the Portalorium and learned that they worshipped the same God. In 2010 they met Conchobhar and Lien Hua, establishing a friendship with Yokaisekai which came in handy when the Exercitains tried to wipe them out along with trying to conquer the Portalorium. They still continue their agragarian culture with little change.