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Triudomhan (tru-do-wan: Gaelic for “third world”) is the remnant of Old Locura that was broken off during the world split and pulled into a newly created universe.
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Current Date and Approximate Time in Triudomhan: August (Rooster) 17, 2012 - Tuesday
Huang Jin An 10:00 a.m., Midtown 12:00 p.m., Three Cities 1:00 p.m., Kiryushiro 5:00 p.m., Great Blue - Daylight -7
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The World Calendar

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The World Calendar

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Talamh- (Fall) Tuesday, August 17, 2012* - Noon (Talamh Central Time)
(The current time in Midtown is 12:00 p.m. and in Fachest {and the Three Cities} 1:00 p.m.)
Aleriand- (Spring) Tuesday, Rooster 17, 2012* - Morning (Aleriand Central Time)
(The current time in Huang Jin An is 10:00 a.m.)
Yokaisekai- (Spring) Tuesday, Rooster 17, 2012* - Evening (Yokaisekai Mountain Time)
(The current time in Kiryushiro is 5:00 p.m.)
(*or year Four on some calendars)

Great Blue - Dark (Zones +7 through -8) Daylight (Zone -7)
Monthly/Seasonal Calendars
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-Events of 2012-
January (Tiger) 1, 2012 - August (Rooster) 15, 2012 - Monday-(months later)-Sunday
Mr. Roger Morris is elected to the Midtown Council and Mr. Herbert Daniels and Mr. Benjamin Nelson are re-elected
Conchobhar completely turns over the search for Takumi to Ketsueki (by remote bugs) and trains extensively for the Dark Tournaments while Lien Hua cares for her 2 yr old twins
Hadassah and David turn 16 (celebrate- 2/14, 3/10)
New Mobius makes a trade agreement with Midtown
Takara and Aine turn 3 (on- 8/8, 8/14)

August (Rooster) 16, 2012 - Monday
David and Hadassah begin their Junior year in High School
(Connlaodh & Vanadis are 3 years old)
Feast at Seryutaki the Spring Festival (Awakening Day in Aleriand)
Takumi's location is discovered, the team decides to go rescue him
Father Asa visits the Fachest church
Tom Johnson enters Triudomhan in the Luminos River Valley, goes fishing and travels down the river

August (Rooster) 17, 2012 - Tuesday
Lien Hua/Xin Le Hua and Conchobhar and team go to rescue Takumi, and end up in the Soul Society
Tom's raft crashes into a Konstroda bridge, he looses everything and floats down river
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Re: The World Calendar

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The History of Triudomhan
-Events of 2009-

January 1st 2009 - The World Split

August 8 2009 - Monday
Tankara son of Takumi is born

August (Rooster) 16, 2009 - Tuesday
Takumi discovers where Inori is
Lien Hua is revived and Aleriand awakened
Bao Yu and Lien Hua's eggs hatch (Izumikoi, Connlaodh, & Vanadis)
David and Hadassa meet Grizelda's daughter Giselle
Hao Fa leaves Aleriand

August (Rooster) 17, 2009 - Wednesday
Takumi makes a deal with the vampire lord and leaves Yokaiseki
Father Asa comes to the cafe
Morrigan and Enma find out that they are grandparents

August (Rooster) 18, 2009 - Thursday
David and Hadassa start school (7/8th grade class)

August (Rooster) 19-22, 2009 - Friday-Monday
Nothing much happenes except Hao Fa and Takumi are still travelling and the baby dragons have learned to take human form.

August (Rooster) 23, 2009 - Tuesday
Hao Fa arrives in Toaru Island
Takumi visits Father Asa

August (Rooster) 24-28, 2009 - Wednesday-Sunday
Nothing much happens except Takumi travels to Yokaiseki and Father Asa is visited by people from the church

August (Rooster) 29, 2009 - Monday
Takumi arrives in Yokaiseki

August (Rooster) 30-September (Dog) 22, 2009 - Tuesday----Wednesday
Nothing much happens, except the internet is established between continents

September (Dog) 23, 2009 - Thursday
Conchobhar, Lien Hua, their children, and Aunt De Zhen begin to travel to Yokaisekai
Mr. Halkin becomes the head of the Excelsior Factory (just being built)
Nigel Esau McColton arrives
Lien Hua repairs the Lia Fal, and they hear a prophecy of the distant future

September (Dog) 24, 2009 - Friday
The Library City of Athuair sends a new satelite up, to cover the Great Blue area
The doctor makes an offer to Erin
Conchobhar and Lien Hua leave Falias and continue their journey
Representative of the Library City visits Midtown
Uena Wypcraser arrives in the Library City
"Sheriff" Moogle interrupts the Mayor's interview with Nigel for Sheriff, Nigel gets the job
Auran interviews Mr. Halkin, and ends up asleep in the church
Conchobhar finds out that King Boadag is his great great grandfather

September (Dog) 25, 2009 - Saturday
Conchobhar and Lien Hua leave Mag Mell
Father Asa moves to the Church, and is surprised by Auran
The the school kids go out to the woods and collect wild edibles for the town
Nigel talks to Father Asa and Auran
Lisa Daniels is bitten by a werewolf
The sheriff gets a case (investigate trapping)
Conchobhar and Lien Hua arrive on Avalon and hear the story of Culhwch and Olwen.

September (Dog) 26, 2009 - Sunday
Conchobhar and Lien Hua leave Avalon and continue their journey
The church window is busted by Moogle.
Father Asa leads the church service.
Halkin talks to Father Asa after church.
Nigel investigates contaminated trap.
Aruan gets permission to travel to Aleriand.
The hospital asks Father Asa to give them a blood sample for research
Mahre'su arrives in Midtown, decides to stay and work at the cafe
Father Asa leads Bible Study
Conchobhar and Lien Hua arrive at the capitol Tir Nan Og and see the fay genealogy

September (Dog) 27-December 24, 2009 - Monday--(months later)--Thursday
The Excelsior Factory is completed and producing all kinds of products (Good Christmas sales!)
Halkin also produces "Suzus" (some rebel and escape)
The new "city" Fachest is complete and all city dwelling NPCs from the camp are there
(The education procecess by Athuarians to give skills to those NPCs has been succesful)
The new high speed railroad is complete connecting the Factory, Midtown, Fachest, and the Library
(Winter snow storms do not affect the special railroad)
Farms (run by NPCs from the camp) extend across the valley from Midtown to Fachest
The Immigrant Camp is closed down forever (only nice grass there, under snow)
Erin has gone to live with Caroline Iverson (even helped make stained glass windows for the church in Fachest)
The furry creature (Platinum Mustel) Sparrow learned how to read and write
Auran went to Aleriand
Conchobhar and Lien Hua returned home (October 1st), Takumi has a serious problem
Ketsueki and Yorutsubasa traveled to the Pokemon Islands (November 16), and then went to Midtown
Takumi sets off on a new journey (no one knows where he is! He dissappears the evening of Nov. 16.)
Inori moves into Kiryushiro and takes over Takumi's job
Uena went on a long journey with a small group including Thuran
Thuran got married and bought a house in Midtown, turning it into a bed and breakfast (The Phoenix Inn) for his friends, and others, to stay at

December (Ox) 24-25, 2009 - Thursday-Friday
Father Asa surprises Santa
Santa gives furry creatures a Jupe-jupe tree
Mahre'su got a sword, Balmung, or vica versa

December (Ox) 25-30, 2009 - Friday-Wednesday
Nothing much happens other than lots of celebrating

-Events of 2010-

January (Tiger) 1, 2010 - Thursday
New Year's (and Midsummer) celebration in Aleriand
Jewelry heist in Midtown, Sheriff investigates and suspects animals, a trap is set
Gifts arrive from Aleriand to Midtown, brought by dragons
The furry creatures are caught, Sparrow negotiates
12 girls are kidnapped

January (Tiger) 2, 2010 - Friday
The 12 girls wake up in Taanach, and meet their kidnappers
Girls are reported missing, Nigel investigates
The Mayor arranges a meeting, for building a harbor
Father Asa goes to find Morrigan
Nigel tries to arrest Stuffmancer
Aoibheann, Morrigan, and Brigid show up at the cafe, and set a trap for Myrddin
Halkin gives a Suzu to Lien Hua (via Morrigan)
The Mayor has a meeting to discuss trade with Aleriand, the dwarves will build a port
Nigel, Armani, Richter, and the Judge meet with Sparrow to resolve theft case
The furry creatures are named Platinum Mustels and designated sentient
The dragon knights and Aoibhean go home
Morrigan and the Suzu Yutaka join Enma, Lien Hua and the rest (to find that they have spent a whole week in the space of a few hours in the fay islands)
A person crashes in the Midtown park and is taken to the hospital
Halkin and Stuffmancer have a long conversation

January (Tiger) 3, 2010 - Saturday
Morrigan, Lien Hua, and the rest arrive home

January (Tiger) 4 - February (Rabbit) 17, 2010 - Sunday --- Monday
January 6 - Epiphany
February 5 - Ash Wednesday
February 14 - Purim / Valentine's Day
Rabbit 16 - End of Summer / Festival of Plenty
Takumi is freed from the spell that turned him into a deer
Lien Hua attends the beginning of the Fall festival at Byakkodokutsu in Nishichiku

February (Rabbit) 18, 2010 - Tuesday
Election day in Midtown and Fachest (one month to declare candidacy in Fachest, nx elec. May)
Opening of Rocky Port
Mr. Halkin and Mike Hansen leave on the M.S. Aoi for Aleriand
Lien Hua, Conchobhar, Yutaka and the twins leave for (and arrive at) the Pokemon Islands
Mikah arrives in Midtown, buys a house and becomes a citizen
Takumi enters the Temple of Heaven
The Platinum Mustels plant a farm

February (Rabbit) 19, 2010 - Wednesday
Lien Hua, Conchobhar, Yutaka and the twins travel to Spark on Hibana Island
Takumi travels home
The mayor talks to Nigel about deputies, deputies introduced
A fire at Midtown School! 3 children saved from the fire, but the school was lost. (The fire was started by a rat chewing wires.)
Work starts on a new school.
Lien Hua and co. travel on to Waterton on Hono'o
Luke and Arch fight, Luke goes to Civitas Infernus then portals back to Terra, Arch crashes in Aleriand

February (Rabbit) 20, 2010 - Thursday
They find Professor Mangrove at Moon Lake, discover Ming has mutant kids (febas)
Rogus searches for Luke
Luke is kidnapped (in the morning), and later released to steal data
Then Lien Hua etc. visit the milotic mate of Ming
Construction begins on the new school
Takumi continues home, and helps an old woman getting delayed again
Lien Hua etc. continued on to find Ming, and also finds a team
The MS Aoi arrives at Aleriand, cargo unloaded

February (Rabbit) 21, 2010 - Friday
Ming is tested, Lien Hua registers in Celios, then travels to the St Brigid island
Work continues on the school, and on the computer systems in Aleriand
Space Ship crashes, Earthquakes, Lenwe observes the crash
Athuarians are sent to investigate the space wreckage (prepare, travel by train, arrive at Pleasant Farms at dusk)
Luke returns to Civitas Infernus and gives them information
Computer systems are being set up in Aleriand
Takumi arrives back in Yokaisekai

February (Rabbit) 22, 2010 - Saturday
Takumi gives the letter to to Inori
Lien Hua's group travels to the mainland
Luke goes to Civitas Inferus for two days to teach
Akuma shows up in Kiryushiro
Lenwe sees two Athuarians killed by the Konstroda
Arch wakes up, talks, and plays games
Takumi has a run in with Kurotsuki, talks to Kagekiba and has a visit from Morrigan (Inori gets pregnant again)
Lien Hua's & group sees Civitas Sublimis, Conchobhar is attacked (but is peacefully resolved)
Mikah's "pet" Shadow finds the platinum mustels

February (Rabbit) 23, 2010 - Sunday
Takumi goes to church
Lien Hua and Conchobhar attend services at the temple in Civitas Sublimis before travelling on
Lenwe travels across the lower Mana Mountains to the Central Valley region
The Konstroda scavenge the abandoned remains of the medieval city of Lumiere
Nigel is notified about Mikah's "pet" (text message from Dpt. Brownspot)
Arch goes to the Temple of Heaven
Lien Hua arrives in Midtown

February (Rabbit) 24, 2010 - Monday
Lenwe arrives in Midtown
Lien Hua leaves for the Luminos River Valley and meets the Konstroda, healing Mother Fatryshi

February (Rabbit) 25 - Tuesday
Lien Hua begins work on a body for Mother Fatryshi's husband
Conchobhar fetches the twins and Yutaka

February (Rabbit) 28, 2010 - Friday
Takumi has trouble- tells Inori about his childhood
Lien Hua finishes Captain's body

March (Dragon) 1, 2010 - Monday
Mike returns home on the MS Aoi with the cargo, some dwarves (and no companions)
Lien Hua continues working with the Konstroda and redesigning Mother Fatryshi

March (Dragon) 3, 2010 - Wednesday
Mike reaches Rocky Port and goes home

March (Dragon) 11-12, 2010 - Thursday - Friday
Mother Fatryshi's body is reconfigured, and Lien Hua learns about Transformers

March (Dragon) 13, 2010 - Saturday
The girls return from Taanach, Shimron Meron begins again
The Konstroda appologize to the Athuairians
Stuffmancer creates the Tree of Judgement, he and others with him "leave this world"
Celebration in the Cafe
Nigel returns home (Mediat Kno explodes) Sam is now Sheriff
Lien Hua returns to Midtown in a transformer jet

March (Dragon) 14, 2010
Palm Sunday/Passover

March (Dragon) 18, 2010 - Thursday
Deadline for registration in Fachest Election
A Portalorium glove is stolen

March (Dragon) 21, 2010
Easter Sunday/Hadassah receives a present from a secret admirer
Arch enters the Temple of heaven

March (Dragon) 23, 2010 - Tuesday
Lien Hua visits her brother on Toaru Island
Mikah leaves Midtown to study in the Library City of Athuair

March (Dragon) 26, 2010 - Friday
Lien Hua visits New Mobius
The new school in Midtown is finished

March (Dragon) 27, 2010 - Saturday
Lien Hua returns to Midtown
The new principal and the teachers plan the rest of the Midtown School year

April (Snake) 1, 2010 - Wednesday
Festival of New Wine- Arch leaves Aleriand travelling with Ketsueki and Yorutsubasa

May (Horse) 1, 2010 - Friday
Arch arrives in Yokaisekai

May (Horse) 12, 2010 - Tuesday
Fachest Election day
Lien Hua leaves for Yokaisekai

May (Horse) 15, 2010 - Thursday
Lien Hua returns to Kiryushiro

May (Horse) 16, 2010 - Friday
Feast in Genbushima
Josiah William Ford becomes head of the factory
Halkin's departure from Triudomhan is discovered

June (Sheep) 7-8, 2010 - Saturday-Sunday
Luke finalizes war preparations, and sabotages the Caelestis' defenses

June (Sheep) 9, 2010 - Monday
The Exercitian war
Luke goes to the Temple of Heaven

August (Rooster) 1, 2010 - Thursday
Leeta arrives, and is taken to visit Morrigan
Leeta is in an awkward situation

August (Rooster) 2, 2010 - Friday
Suzaku sets some ground rules

August (Rooster) 3, 2010 - Saturday
Takumi visits Suzaku

August (Rooster) 8, 2010 - Thursday
Takara is 1 year old

August (Rooster) 14, 2010 - Wednesday
Aine is 1 year old, a birthday party is given for all four children at Morrigan's place

August (Rooster) 16, 2010 - Friday
Connlaodh & Vanadis are 1 year old
Lord Seiryu and Princess De Zhen's wedding at the Spring Festival (Awakening Day in Aleriand)
Lord Suzaku has an awkward moment with Leeta

September (Dog) 3, 2010 - Monday
The Mayor of Fachest establishes an "energy usage" curfew

September (Dog) 23, 2010 - Sunday
Conchobhar's birthday (2005 yrs old)

October (Pig) 22, 2010 - Sunday
Takumi's daughter, Inochi, is born

October (Pig) 30, 2010 - Tuesday
After going to Northern Talamh to train, Takumi (& family) end up in Huecho Mundo

November (Rat) 7-14, 2010 - Tuesday - Tuesday
For a week Conchobhar tries to find Takumi, only finds destroyed yokai villages

November (Rat) 15, 2010 - Saturday
Lord Suzaku and Leeta's go to the Temple of Heaven
Conchobhar returns home

November (Rat) 16, 2010 - Sunday
Lord Suzaku and Leeta's wedding feast

December (Ox) 25,30, 2010 - Monday, Saturday
Christmas & New Year's Eve
-Events of 2011-
Takumi continues to battle in Huecho Mundo, his family safe with Sulis
Conchobhar continues to search for a Takumi, returning to fulfil his other duties
Lady Reiwana gives various parties and get togethers for the new wives of the two daimyo and Lien Hua
Lien Hua and Conchobhar visit the Pokemon Islands twice, training with Brigid and...
Lien Hua becomes Champion of the Asahi League, but has to give it up due to a dispute over Ming's genetics
Midtown and other areas prosper, while Fachest develops an army
Hadassah (14/15) continues getting mysterious gifts.
Father Asa takes the kids to see Yokaisekai
Railroad completed between Fachest and Terra, WaldoMart established at the terminal
Nowhere Town established
The Excercitians become world savy and train for the Dark Tournaments (Summer 2012)
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