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Nishimon (The Western Gate)

Posted: Tue Jul 17, 2012 5:23 pm
by Mamma Peach
(The Western Gate)

In the far western part of Nishichiku in Yokaisekai, where two parts of the outer mountains make a small V shape is, Nishimon, the western gate that opens out to the Hanayomebashi Islands. In the bend of the V is a clearing in front of a great iron gate, big enough to drive oxcarts through. It used to be the heavily guarded gate to what was once Daraku’s fortress. Now that it belongs to the Morrigan the gates are always open.

Inside it has been totally revamped from an evil lord’s den to a fairy abode. The central corridor looks more like a cobblestone road through a dark forest than a tunnel. There are actual trees, bushes, and flowering vines on either side of the road, and night birds, bats, and fire flies fly about the vegetation, while twinkling lights like stars shine from a ceiling higher than a cathedral. The side paths are also adorned with nature, and lead to various grottos and dwelling places, all very mysterious and beautiful.

Though the road has many side paths, it essentially goes straight down to what had once been the cavern where, in the past, the children kidnapped by Daraku had been held captive. That huge cavern has now become a well lighted "early morning" garden with flowers, butterflies, and song birds. Travelers and visitors alike relax in this garden. The road terminates at a turnabout and a great iron gate that openes on the bridge to Aleriand. This gate is guarded, and none go through it without permission of the king and queen.