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Hebinaga River

Posted: Tue Jul 17, 2012 12:44 pm
by Mamma Peach
Hebinaga River

The Hebinaga (Long snake) River is the longest river in Triudomhan and comparable to the Amazon River in size. It is very deep in places (harboring large monsters) and has many smaller tributaries hidden in the dense foliage of both the Higashichiku and the Minamichiku regions. It begins in the springs that feed the lake in front of Lord Seiryu's palace spilling over the Seiryutaki falls into a smaller lake from where it meanders all over the Higashichiku and the Minamichiku regions to finally empty into the Shinzoko Lake. The waters of these various bodies are magically connected (since this land was originally created by Morrigan the great fay in the hollow center of old Locura) so that the river never runs dry nor do the lakes over flow.

Along this river and it's tributaries are many settlements and villages. The ones at the beginning of the river have very good reputations and are relatively crime free due to their proximity to both Lord Seiryu's palace and Morrigan's "castle", while the ones near the end, especially in the Lower West Bend area, have very violent and disreputable reputations.