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Forum Rules

Posted: Sun Jul 22, 2012 2:55 pm
by Mamma Peach
Game play and game rules can be found here.
Forum Rules

Show respect to everyone!
This is the over all rule for this forum. I expect people of all ages and walks of life to be able to come here and play, so respect should be paramount. Not that there can't be disagreements, as there will be, but even in these differences of opinion there should be mutual respect.

1. No flaming or name calling.
Even in the heat of a discussion you will not call another person names or cast aspersions on their intelligence, lineage, or sexuality... or any other derogatory category designed to hurt a person's feelings or reputation. Just stick to the subject of discussion and the facts involved. I also understand that there is a difference between this and just goofing around, but sometimes there is a thin line between the two. If someone resents playful jabs and tells you to stop, then stop! Don't continue in hurtful behavior. This includes bringing up subjects specifically to a person that has a hard time with them and would rather not discuss them.

2. No bad language.
We are all writers so there is no cause for using foul or indecent language. Even if it comes out of your mouth every time you talk that is no reason to write it. I am not putting automatic sensors on because it hampers writing in the game, and can never sensor adequately like self censoring. There is no use for the N word or the F word anywhere, even from your characters, and I don't even want bypassing versions of the F word used. As for other terms... I don't want any of the usual foul words involving excrement (crap is actually one of those though few people use it that way), bodily fluids, or sexual functions, used in the Mediator Cafe, and when you are talking about asses and bitches it had better be donkeys and female dogs. In the game your character may use bad language but I prefer that you tone it down or use other means of conveying how the character talks. You get the drift... think about what you wrote before posting.

3. No obscenity.
Blatant sexual content or innuendo in conversation, obscene or provocative pictures and links... are all prohibited. Such subjects do have a place in discussions and in the game but must be handled carefully so as to not be obscene. If you're not sure then don't post it.

4. Advertising Spam will not be tolerated.
Your reason for being here should be to play and interact with people, not soliciting business. I don't have advertising here to pay the bills, and you shouldn't either. There is a clear difference between recommending a game or product you like and acting as a salesman. As for other kinds of spam... keep it down please. I won't ban you for stupid posts, but try not to be annoying with them, and don't flood the forum with them either. No spam is allowed in the game itself and will be deleted.

5. No hacking or abusing someone else's account or character.
This should go without saying... Also no other forms of illegal or unethical behavior.

The penalty for violations of the rules will be warnings for first or minor infractions, with alterations of posts where needed. If the warnings are ignored or the violations excessive then either partial, full, or permanent bannings will be considered.

Technical Limitations
Signatures- may not exceed 600 pixels x 400 pixels. This is the total size. More than one picture, additional text, or a block of text may be included if it fits within that general size.

Avatars- must be at least 20 pixels wide and 20 pixels high, but no larger than 128 pixels wide and 128 pixels high.

Posted Pictures- may not exceed 600 pixels wide.

Smilies- no more than 40 per post.

New Members- must make at least 5 posts in the Cafe before they can post in Triudomhan. Abuse your privileges and they will be taken away!

Posts- should consist of complete sentences, properly spelled, for the most part. The Grammar Nazis and Spelling Stalins aren't going to get you if you don't (and deliberate misspelling and grammar faux pas for effect are definitely allowed), but try to keep your communication clear.

Culling Threads- Periodically we will go through the old threads in the Mediator Cafe and select some for deleting. The threads that are to be deleted will be listed so that you have the option of archiving the good ones.