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Library City of Athuair

Posted: Tue Jan 10, 2012 5:32 pm
by Mamma Peach
The Library City of Athuair
The Library City of Athuair is an entire city devoted to the preservation of knowledge and contains information, books, music, movies, art, and artifacts gathered from virtually every world that the Athuarians ever came in contact with. It used to be a galactic center for learning and information sharing. It was torn from its home world by the dimensional rift that occurred at the formation of the world of Triudomhan, and relocated to the continent of Talamh by the shores of Loch Suil, at the same site where the Ruins of NSider once stood in old Locura. This city of libraries is run by the winged Athuarians who lived and worked there as librarians, researchers, and various support personnel, along with their families. It is currently engaged in establishing records of the new world that it finds itself in, and has a long standing agreement of cooperation with Midtown. The city is partially weather controlled and can produce a protective energy shield if attacked. After the death of two researchers at the hands of the Konstroda they have developed a small military force, but are still friendly to outsiders.

Those entering the city for the first time would notice how quiet and peaceful it is, no traffic (except people flying here and there), no advertising, and no industry, just libraries, books, gardens with many fruit trees and flowers, and occasionally music being played out in the open. There is a shuttle service for the use of non-flying visitors if needed.
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