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This contains Triudomhan maps, history, characters, archives and other relevant information.
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Mamma Peach's Characters

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Lien Hua
Name: Fu, Lien Hua [(Lee-en Hwah) means Lotus blossom.]
Princess of Aleriand (Parents- King Chang An and Queen Mei Xing)
She is the seventh of 14 children, seven boys and seven girls.
(Nobody's name: Xin Le Hua [(Shing Leh Hwah) means elegant laughing blossom.]

Race: Golden Oriental Dragon

Age: Young Adult (155, had her "Coming of Age Ceremony" [150 yrs] at New Years, 2007)

Human Form - A beautiful Chinese girl in her early twenties.
Dragon Form - A golden Chinese dragon 10 ft high at the shoulder and 100 ft long, with accent colors of rose and white gold, and brown eyes.
(In both forms she has a perfume like scent, slightly intoxicating to dragon types, which grows stronger if she is exited or under stress. When in dragon form the perfume like scent is more noticeable to humans, and others, as sweet or jasmine like. The effect on dragon types is the same in either form.)
Other Forms - (see below)

Special Skills: Martial Arts, Languages, Sewing, Pottery, Metallurgy and Smithing, Ordinary Cooking
As a dragon she can fly, breathe fire and chlorine gas.
Her perfumed sweat is a natural healing elixir that can heal any wound or cure any poison.
(Dragon Sword skills are listed below.)

Special Possessions: Adamantine Sword, Small Bag of Jewels, Magic Summoning Scroll and Brush (These items were with her on her original journey, but the replacements are not with her now.)

RP Facts - She left Aleriand to explore the rest of Locura and find out what dangers there might be for his own country, and how they might be overcome. Her leaving was prophesied by the fairy queen, who gave her the magic armor that made her practically impervious to all attacks. The armor's strength was depleted by numerous battles in Locura, leaving her vulnerable during the Nasbie attack. She died shortly after killing a digimon that was really a transformed boy that had been recruited by Ruki.
Three days later she was brought back from the dead, but without any of her possessions or abilities, not even able to go into dragon form. At that time she found a pokemon egg that hatched, and "adopted" Ming the dratini. Then she traveled with Tejas to the cave of the Dragonsages where she retrieved the prophesied Dragon Sword that was supposed to unite her to all peoples by transforming her into seven different forms. It was shown as a lotus mark on her right hand that glowed with a different color for each form. With each form came new abilities and new troubles. She learned pokemon speech when she transformed into Angewoman with Ming, acquiring some of his data.

Going with Tejas on a mission to Festung Island she was split by the Dragon Sword into two persons that shared the same body, herself with the other six forms and her nobody Xin Le Hua who had her own form. The split was so painful, as was the strongly negative reaction of the DG90 to Xin Le Hua, that after the mission was over she fled to the Spiney Back Mountains where she became trapped by a love-sick unicorn for some time. During that time she unlocked her fox fay form, reconciled with her other self and received a keyblade, the incomplete key to Aleriand's gates.

After freeing herself from the unicorn's spell, she returned to Falcon 6 Town and Ming. Shortly after arriving she was attacked by a creature made from her own shadow. Later, on her way home, she saw the church in shambles following an attack that was made to discover the location of the "dark angel" that had protected the NPC townspeople. Father Asa told her of his decision to leave Locura. Following that she decided to finish the key on her own, without involving anyone else, and return home, leaving Ming with other pokemon in the Pokemon Islands. Once home, however, she was commanded never to leave again by the Council, who issued a legal decree to that end.

Later, after being followed by Tejas and the DG90 (along with the stowaway prince of Yokaisekai, Conchobhar) she violated the law in saving kidnapped children in Yokaisekai (via a tunnel under the dwarven lands) and was forced to marry Conchobhar as the seal of a treaty between the two nations by their respective kings. After her wedding in Aleriand Xin Le Hua was married to Conchobhar also (by Father Asa, who was brought there magically with his infant niece and nephew) and they both went through the six day wedding feast of the yokai with Conchobhar. Their love for Conchobhar grew even as others plotted to separate them, and weathered a war in Yokaisekai on the last day of the feast.
On New Year's Eve Lien Hua laid her egg, a mixture of gold and black in color containing twin offspring of herself and her nobody Xin Le Hua by Conchobhar. Her brother Hao Fa and those who were isolationists despised the situation and contrived to get the Council to decide to separate Aleriand completely from the world of Locura while the king was settling a dispute in the north. This resulted in the destruction of Locura, nearly killed Lien Hua and almost destroyed everything else, but a new world formed, Triudomhan, and Conchobhar came to her rescue with true love's kiss. She is also daimyo of the central region of Yokaisekai.

Lien Hua's Power/Forms

Gold: from Empress Fang De (fragrant virtue) - Dragonsage of Spirit
Form - Soul Reaper, white silk brocade hakama with turtle markings and a gold obi
Vulnerable - magic, soul powered weapons, ghost busting
Weapon - Zanpakuto
~Sealed - golden two edged Chinese sword, flat pommel, dragon shaped hilt, and red tassel.
~Shikai - larger, phoenix on blade, red fur on dragon head back and tail.
Name - Zeng Wai (Maternal Grandmother)
Commands -
*ai (love) Lotus petal barrier
*da (bite) Dragon head flies out to bite
*fang shou (protect) whirlwind dragon surrounds and claws, outward
*chi (cure) dragon/phoenix medallion symbol under foot, perfume rises
~Bankai - Golden Dragon with a red mane

White: from Mahavira (great hero) - Dragonsage of Light
Form - Digimon
*Angewoman - Celestial Arrow, Heaven's Charm, Heaven's Charge, Divine Kick
*Ophanimon - Sephirote Crystals, Holy Slash, God Cannon, Shining Javelin
Vulnerable - everything (but less than Lien Hua), data drain (damage does not show until she transforms back)
Weapon - Lightsaber, drains small amounts of data as it cuts

Black: from Siegfrida (powerful peace) - Dragonsage of Darkness
Form - Nobody (Xin Le Hua- elegant laughing flower), soft very pale skin, dark eyes cold and often lacking of emotion, long black hair, a robe, like the Organization XIII robes, no emblem, a chain for a belt.
Weapon - Darksaber (drains darkness as it cuts/touches), Flute hilt (controls darkness and dark controlled creatures)
Songs -
*Gotterdamerung - controls dark creatures - {despair, treachery + downfall, salvation by fire}
*Das Rheingold - heals - {speaks of love abandoned, betrayal, and power}
*Die Walkure - calls dusks (and dark fays) to fight - {calls to mind war, victory, and death}
Key Blade - Valhalla (hall of the slain), Pure intricately crafted gold, 7 oval settings on its haft (for seven gems - a golden beryl, a milky white opal, shiny black jet, an emerald, a ruby, a sapphire, and a tiger's eye) and 3 triangular gem settings on the hilt (for 3 triangular diamonds - violet, aquamarine, and orange).

Green: from Amarante (the flower that never dies) - Dragonsage of Plants
Form - Fay/Kitsune - fox face and ears, soft green fur, lighter on the belly and cheeks, darker on the back and ear tips, clothing is brief (only covering the necessary parts) made of natural materials, 3 green fox tails with pale green tips, arms and forehead are marked with ancient runes.
Photosynthesis- absorbs sunlight, uses it for energy and healing, also moonlight but less
Growing plants- causes seeds and plants to grow at her direction
*Seeds- bulbasaur seeds (leech seed), crying mushrooms, glowing mushrooms, grape seed, briar rose, lodgepole pine
Fox fire- will o' wisps that burn a bit
Illusion- can create complex illusions
Weapon - Rose whip -
*Whiplash - lashes and cuts even rock and steel
*Petal Storm - surrounds her with swirling rose petals that cut

Blue: from Koriryu (ice dragon) - Dragonsage of Air and Water
Form - Turquoise mobian echnida (like Tikal), with the power of X-man Storm
Weapon - sapphire blue "emerald" sword, cuts like metal and activates power

Red: from Connlaogh (controlled fire) - Dragonsage of Fire
Form - Fire Oni, flame hair, red eyes, single horn on forehead, claw nails and bare feet
*Dragon fire
*Molten Lava
Weapon - Flame Blade/Fang Sword

Brown: from Aecus (judge of the underworld) - Dragonsage of Earth
Form - Robot/Earthbender - An artificial skin covers her head, neck and hands, brown artificial hair down her back, the rest of her body is enameled metal plates like copper armor, or a shiny metallic brown sports car detailed with gold striping. Behind her ears are up swept sensory devices, and her brown eyes are colored glass. Her body can literally open up in hundreds of places when metallic plates swing outward to reveal her internal structure. Metal bands part and hold her hair when the back of her skull swings open to reveal sophisticated computer chips on layers of motherboards, optical receptors at the back of her glass eyes, and intricate servomechanisms that control the facial features, head movement, and the complex structures of the mouth. She can eat and power herself with small quantities of food from units in her torso and convert the rest to fuel reserves, or even human milk that goes through small tubes to realistic breasts that are behind protective metal plates. She even has the capacity to store male genetic material for future use, and house an embryo, infant, or developing dragon egg in her abdomen. She has an adamantium frame and plating, and her right arm can become a photon cannon, a multiform shovel, a hammer, or a short blade. Odd runes inside her give her the ability to manipulate rock, sand and earth. She is complex, sturdy, and yet she weighs the same as a real girl.
Weapon - Arm Cannon, Arm Shovel, Arm Hammer, Arm Blade

Possessions in her house in Falcon 6 Town (now Midtown): a small Chinese furniture set (4 chairs, 2 end tables, a bench, a coffee table, and a folding screen), a second hand washer, a set of pots and pans and cooking utensils, a set of dishes and flatware, a 24 pack assortment of glass bottles of various sizes, a small pottery kiln, laundry soap, dish soap, and a package of bar soap, shampoo, a set of towels, a bed platform and mattress, two sheet sets, a pillow, two blankets and a quilt, a pack of needles and 5 spools of thread, a burlap sack of cloth remnants, a broom and a dustpan. She also found a gallon can of cooking oil and a box of salt, but no other food stuffs.
She also bought two twin beds with all the bedding for a guest room.

The Fu (lucky) Family
*King Chang An [means unhindered peace] tall, jet black eyes and hair, thin line of beard and mustache
- purple and deep gold accents
*Queen Mei Xing [(May Shing) means beautiful star] beautiful, dark brown eyes and hair
- peacock green and gold
Adult children-
*Hao Fa [means good law] - male - oldest son (was a strict separationist, legalistic) now penitent, patient tall, jet black eyes, clean shaven
- purple and red accents
*Bao Yu [(Bou Yoo) means precious jade] - female - avoids problems, very proper slender, dark brown eyes
- peacock green and blue accents (married to Lord Kohaku)
*Sheng Li [(Shung Lee) means strong victory] - male - Protective, good fighter, often with Kun Li tall, fighter's build, dark eyes, "van dyke" beard +mustache
- red and orange accents
*Kun Li [(Kwung Lee) means strength of the universe] - male - quiet, strong, skilled in combat, a bit shorter, heavier build, brown eyes, thin beard
- red and yellow accents
*Chun Yue [(Chwen Ee-yeh) means spring happiness] - female - social, very girly girl, shapely full figure, honey gold eyes, dark brown hair
- purple and pink accents
*Quon Zhu [(Kwan Zhoo) means bright wishes] - male - energetic, closest to Lien Hua in age, rounded face, gold eyes, dark brown hair (peach fuzz)
- red and metallic green accents
*Lien Hua [(Lee-en Hwah) means Lotus blossom] - female - compassionate, classic beauty, dark brown eyes
- rose and white gold accents
Minor children-
*Jing Shen [(Jing Shen) means pure spirit] - male - shy, artistic (pre-teen) slender, black eyes
- purple and green accents
*Da Xia [(Dah Zhyah) means long summer] - female - playful, happy (upper elementary) honey gold eyes, dark brown hair
- pink and yellow accents
*Mei Zhen [(May Chun) means beautiful pearl] - female - friendly, artistic (middle elementary) slim, dark brown eyes
- peacock and white gold accents
*Xiao Niao [(Zhou Nee-ow) means small bird] - female - cheerful, active (younger elementary) jet black eyes
- electric blue and purple accents
*Yun Qi [(Ying Chee) means fortune] - male - youngest, loving and accepting (toddler) brown eyes dark brown hair
- orange and yellow accents
Twins- male and female - purple and red/rose accents - brown eyes and dark brown hair
*Ming Hao [(Ming How) means shining good]- male
*Dao Ming [(Dow Ming) means shining path]- female
*De Zhen [(Deh Cheng) means virtuous treasure] jet black eyes and hair
- peach and white gold accents

By Bao Yu and Lord Kohaku-
*Izumikoi [(Ee-zoo-me-ko-ee) means spring of good deeds] - male - long Japanese snout and shades of blue, green, and silver (jet black eyes and hair)

By Lien Hua and Conchobhar-
*Connlaodh / Kong Le [(Kon-leh) means chaste/prudent fire -Gaelic; happy sky -Chinese] - male - steel blue eyes bright red hair tufts - solid gold with deeper gold accents (human hair - dark brown)
*Vanadis [(Vah-nah-dis) might mean lady of the trees, or goddess of nature] - female - emerald green eyes - black European dragon (human hair - black)
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