Central Valley Railroad

The Central Valley Region covers the area encompassed by the Mana Mountains around the lake Lock Suil and Long Beach. It includes the autonomous areas of Midtown, the Library City of Athuair, Pleasant Farms and the city of Fachest, and is serviced by the Central Valley Railroad.
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Central Valley Railroad

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Central Valley Railroad (Main Thread)

This is a double level, high speed railroad using state of the art technology, that connects the Kazhad Dwarf Mines, the Excelsior Factory and Midtown, on the Excelsior River Route; Midtown, the Pleasant Farms, and Fachest, on the Central Valley Plains Route; and Fachest and the Library City of Athuair on the Loch Suil Route; and Fachest to the Three Cities on the Mountain route. The top level is for ultra fast passenger trains, while the bottom level is for freight carriers. The system runs off of electricity from a variety of sources (including water, solar, wind, and even nuclear) that originate from the various towns and along the rail line itself. The rails are surrounded by a force shield that keeps inclement weather, animals, people, and other stuff off of the tracks. There are nine stations; Rocky Port, the Kazhad Dwarf Mines, the Excelsior Factory, Midtown, Pleasant Farms, Fachest, the Library City of Athuair, the Mountain, and the Three Cities (which are actually in the Accipio Valley), though the freight train may stop at individual farm stops durring harvest seasons. Train maintanance is paid for by fees on the commercial freight so passengers ride free of charge.

Rocky Port Train Station*
Kazhad Station*
Excelsior Factory Train Station*
Midtown Train Station
Pleasant Farms Train Station*
Fachest Train Station
Library City of Athuair Train Station*
Mountain Station*
Three Cities Train Station
*(When entering a thread that has no officially designated station thread, please state that your character is in the train station.)
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