Kemuri Island League

This is an archipelago off the eastern coast of Talamh. The three main islands are: Sakari, Karada, and Asahi. In addition there are the Shippo Islands, and the Kemuri Islands. Some of the smaller islands in the Shippo region have no human habitations at all and may even have pokemon villages. St. Brigid Island is the dwelling place of the Great Fay Brigid who helped to preserve the pokemon and the people of this land during the destructions of both Primavaldia and Locura.
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Kemuri Island League

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Kemuri Island League
This island chain is the newest addition to the Pokemon Islands. It extends from the eastern tip of the main island, Sakari, northeast into the Great Blue towards Yokaisekai. A ferry runs from Sakari Island to the chain and amongst the islands of the chain.

Ray Bright - Ember Badge

Gloriana Aura - Breath Badge

Jack Sterling - Fist Badge

Astor Neil - Celetial Badge

Russ Mason - Mountain Badge

Travis Wade - Lake Badge

Fleur Beute’ - Flower Badge

Dax Tesla - Energy Badge

The Elite Four of the Kemuri Islands

#1 Aqua Lacis

#2 Clay Terran

#3 Zephron Eleutherium

#4 Ignacio Baptista

Champion: Ted Rambo
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